Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts 3 brought an end to the Dark Seeker saga, but it is clear that Square Enix is not yet done with the saga’s main antagonist, Xehanort. Earlier this month, the Japanese publisher confirmed that a new mobile game called Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will shed more light on the character’s past, and today we have learned what type of game it will be.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be a card-based RPG where players will control Xehanort and live through the events that made him become the Seeker of Darkness. Square Enix promises that the experience will be fast-paced, and the first screenshots seem to hint at the fact that the experience will be a tweaked Chain of Memories experience.

Keeping in fashion with the series’ somewhat convoluted nature, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be playable only through the Kingdom Hearts Union X app. The two games will still be separate, but a linking campaign that will grant bonuses for the two games is planned in time for the new game’s release.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road launches on iOS and Android sometime this Spring. Kingdom Hearts Union X, which will be required to play the game, is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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