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King Legacy: How to Awaken Light Fruit

King Legacy: How to Awaken Light Fruit

There are lots of games to play on Roblox, one of which is King Legacy, and if you’re familiar with the popular manga/anime One Piece, then you’ll know just how important and crucial Devil Fruits can be in the series. However, it’s not just Devil Fruits. Fruits are also an integral part of the game as well.

And like many other Roblox titles, some of the most powerful and sought-after items in King Legacy are locked behind difficult challenges. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to Awaken Light Fruit in King Legacy.

King Legacy: How to Awaken Light Fruit

The Awakened Light Fruit is not easy to get in King Legacy and will require some serious and extensive grind, mostly due to the intense boss fights that you must grind through to complete the quest. However, Awakened Light is worth the effort.


Awakening Light Fruit will make you more powerful and grant you new skills. So to get it, you must travel to Viridan’s, the game’s Second Sea Island, to reach the Awake Master. Once there, chat with the Awake Master, and he will transfer the Light or Dark fruit to your inventory, sending it to the awake world.

Shortly after, a Start option will pop up on the screen, which you can click to commence your battle with the Awakening boss or the Raid boss in King Legacy. Once you’re able to defeat the boss, speak to the Awake Master, and he will awaken versions of your fruit with all the coolest abilities but it will cost you gems.

If you have enough gems to purchase all awakened moves, you will get the Awakened Light Fruit or Dark Fruit. The road to acquiring the awaken light fruit is a long one but remember that it will be worthwhile afterward.

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King Legacy: How to Awaken Light Fruit


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