Kill Shot Bravo is the premiere first person shooter game. Take control of an elite soldier and infiltrate the enemy strong hold. Tag your threats strategically and take them all out in one fell swoop! Sniper rifles aren’t your only weapons; take on a variety of missions involving shotguns, machine guns, and more! We’ll help you blast away the competition with our Kill Shot Bravo cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Scan the area before you take a shot!

When you first drop into the zone, the enemies aren’t alerted to your presence just yet. Take advantage of this and scout out the area. Don’t fire off a shot yet – the first shot you make will automatically alert every enemy in the area and they will begin advancing towards your position. Scan the area first and note their locations!

2. Tag the enemies!

Even better, tag your enemies! If you hold your crosshair over an enemy for a couple of seconds, you’ll tag the enemy. Tagged enemies will have a very obvious red diamond floating over their heads, making them extremely easy to spot in the scenery. Do this for all enemies before you take your first shot!

3. Always go for the head!

You’ll get a cash bonus if you land a head shot. Body shots don’t provide any kind of bonus, so don’t miss! It’s best to get used to this now because eventually enemies will start to equip body armor, which means body shots will be less effective.

4. Keep upgrading your guns!

Your main weapon is your sniper rifle, and you should be upgrading it as much as possible. The other sub weapons are important too, but you should pour most of your cash into upgrading your rifle. Eventually, you’ll unlock Black Ops Missions. Beating these missions will unlock the next region for you to tackle, but your guns need to be strong enough in order to take on the mission in the first place.

5. Try out the silencer!

The last upgrade you can buy for your sniper rifle is the silencer upgrade. The silencer does exactly what it sounds like – it makes your shots quiet! That means you can take a shot without alerting the whole area. These are extremely useful, but they cost a hefty amount of medals. Start saving medals if you want to afford one of these upgrades!

6. Look out for explosive barrels!

On certain machine gun levels, you’ll see yellow barrels lying around, usually with a bunch of enemies nearby. If you shoot these barrels, they’ll explode and take out any nearby enemies! It’s worth a lot of bonus cash, too, so shoot these barrels on sight!

That’s all for Kill Shot Bravo. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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