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Kemono Friends: Kingdom Characters Tier List

Find the best characters in Kemono Friends: Kingdom with the help of this comprehensive tier list, from best to worst!

Looking for the best character to play in Kemono Friends: Kingdom? Then, you have arrived at the right place with our tier list. Kemono Friends: Kingdom, officially released on Singapore and Hong Kong servers back in May 2022, is the latest addition to the popular mobile franchise—and it has finally been released globally.

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom is a mobile game that combines elements of Angry Birds and turn-based RPGs, featuring cute animal-themed anime characters battling evil tree monsters called Ceruleans. There’s a wide cast of characters available to help you out on your journey. And in this guide, you can find the tier list we put together for Kemono Friends: Kingdom, from the strongest to the weakest characters.

Best characters in Kemono Friends: Kingdom

Image via Neocraft Studios

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In Kemono Friends: Kingdom, you can find characters inspired by real-life animals, such as Lion, Jaguar, and Gray Wolf. Each character also has a unique role on the team, like Assault, Support, or Heal. When creating your team, make sure to have a mix of different roles to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Tier Character
S Lion, Serval, Gray Wolf, Crested Ibis, White Rhinoceros
A Suri Alpaca, Emperor Penguin, Giant Panda, Hippopotamus
B Fennec, Black Rhinoceros, Aurochs, Jaguar, Shoebill, American Beaver
C King Cobra, Mexico Salamander, Caracal, Plains Zombie, Royal Penguin, Common Racoon, Indian Peafowl, Northern White-Faced Owl

In the future, players can expect more new characters to join Kemono Friends: Kingdom. Meanwhile, we recommend playing characters mentioned from the tiers S and A. S-tier characters are strong and competitive from almost all angles, while A-tier characters have some shortcomings.

Players lacking characters from tiers S and A can go for B-tier characters, as they are also pretty decent. As a last resort, you can use C-tier characters, who aren’t terrible but are overshadowed by the ones above them.

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom Characters Tier List