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Jurassic Tribes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer Many Territories

Jurassic Tribes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer Many Territories

In this article we will share with you all the Jurassic Tribes tips and tricks we have got up our sleeves, in order to help you become the best Chief in the tribe and raise an amazing army, as well as conquer all the territories surrounding your camp.

Jurassic Tribes is a fun and inciting game if you like dinosaurs and awesome fights that let you assert your dominance over other people’s territories and tribes. So, let’s get right into it and reveal every little secret we have in the Jurassic Tribes cheats and tips right here below. 

Upgrade the buildings

All the buildings your territory has are upgradable. You start off at level 1, but with a little bit of time, patience and a small investment you will upgrade each and every one of them. Every upgrade will require some resources as well as some people to build them (make sense, right?).

So you can not upgrade all your buildings at the same time unless you have some extra troops at hand. I suggest always keeping your buildings at the maximum level possible for your current level, because that is a great way to gather resources as well as keeping your CP strong. 

Do the quests for resources

The quests are a great way to gather resources and exp and level up your character. You can check the available quests in the quest log, and also take a look at the rewards they give.

If you are in dire need of something rewarded from a quest make sure you go and do it right away! Most of these quests revolve around your territory and building upgrades, but also on training troops and capturing lands.

Since some upgrades will take time and you can’t always speed them up, I suggest going to do other quests when that happens. Like that you can train some troops while your buildings are upgrading and even learn a new skill or two.

Upgrade the Chief’s Hut

This is the main building on your territory and it is a big one. The Chief’s Hut is the “city hall” of this tribe and it requires more resources and time for upgrade. This will unlock then better stats, troops and upgrades. Whenever possible, I suggest you upgrade this first because it will greatly benefit the tribe.

With a strong Chief the whole tribe’s CP will go up and you will be able to do better game content as well as join better guilds (since some guilds have CP requirements). Before upgrading this, I suggest having all the other buildings at the maximum level possible since it will raise the level these buildings can have.

Join a guild for lots of help

This is one of the most important features in the game, since by joining a good and active alliance, you can ask people to help you upgrade the buildings faster. This will be of major help later on when upgrading some buildings will take on hours on end.

It’s best if you take your time and look for that perfect little place you can call “home”, since all the active people there can lend you a hand when in need. A good alliance will also give a lot of other features and bonuses, so really focus on finding one and then send them a request.

It’s best you do it as soon in the game as possible since it will reward you with 300 crystals, but you may not always find the best one at such an early stage. So after you get stronger, you can opt to leave and find a stronger one. 

Another amazing thing that comes with the alliance is the Alliance Shop. Here you can buy tons of things in exchange for Alliance Coins. You will also benefit from all the other perks of a guild, including Alliance War, where you test your powers against other alliances.

Visit the Saurpet Den

In the Saurpet Den you can find new dinosaurs to help you in your fights. Here, you will go steal a dinosaur’s eggs and try to claim the goodies inside. The options here are as follows:

Normal Saurpet Den

In this mode you can fetch 1 time for the price of 1 Saurpet Hunt License, or 10 times for the price of 9 Saurpet Hunt Licenses. I suggest you save the licenses and try fetching 10 times always, since you basically get one for free.

Advanced Saurpet Den

It costs 1 Advanced Saurpet Hunt License to fetch once, and, just like in the previous one, and 9 Advanced Saurpet Hunt Licenses for 10 fetches.

The licenses needed for this hunt can be obtained from packs, so it is a little bit more rare and might require a little bit of money invested, so if you want some OP and rare dinos you could consider putting a couple of bucks into the game.

Train new troops and win fights with ease

In the Training Camp you will be able to train new types of soldiers and other military units. Depending on how many you have, you can use them to your advantage. When you want to train them, you should always keep in mind their traits, because some units have more advantages in battle versus other units.

Barbarians are strong against Archers.

Archers are strong against Riders.

Riders are strong against Barbarians.

Barbarians, Archers and Riders and strong against Catapults.

Catapults are strong against Plants.

So whenever you see an enemy and you know what type of fighters they have, try to counter pick so you will always have the upper hand in a fight. 

Study and learn new skills

In the Shrine you can cultivate your skills and traits and improve basically everything. To be strong from an early level I suggest you start training here the Economy and Military, so you can further gain wealth and develop new skills for the fighters.

Always aid your alliance mates

When someone wants help with something, you should always give them a hand, because they will help you too in return. Whenever you aid someone you will receive Alliance Coins that you can spend in the Alliance Shop for goodies. That is why this is a very important thing you shouldn’t skip.

These are all the Jurassic Tribes tips and tricks we have for now, but don’t hesitate to leave us a comment down below telling us your very own tips, if you have some. It will help the whole gaming community to learn new and exciting things about the game!

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Jurassic Tribes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer Many Territories


  1. Anyone else notice that all the pictures posted aren’t for Jurassic tribes. Highest star level is 6 on Jurassic tribes. The saurai is not a usable Dino that can be dispatched, it is only used for boosts and buffs. The champions, despoilers, and snipers shown are not the right ones. The events shown are not any of the events in game. Some of the descriptions for them are inaccurate. And for the territory overview picture. How the hell is the player chiefs hit level 14 with only 113,200cp?


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