Castle Cubeton has been robbed of all its gold! No doubt those evil Skulls are behind it, and now Suzy Cube is on the job to get the castle’s riches back! Now, it’s up to you to guide her through the magnificent world of Suzy Cube!

Suzy Cube is an intentional throwback to the golden age of 3D gaming, when we were jumping into the next dimension for the first time. Suzy Cube aims to bring us the same joy we had when we played games like Super Mario 64 and Spyro the Dragon.

Run and jump your way through tons of level, each with their own central mechanic. Suzy herself controls exactly how you would expect her to with tight and simple controls. As an added bonus Suzy Cube has full support for bluetooth controllers if you want the authentic experience!

Suzy Cube plays out like a traditional 3D platformer. You will control Suzy as she jumps on platforms, collects coins and other shiny goodies, and utilize awesome power ups to get through the level. A neat little aspect is that the camera will shift back and forth between fixed perspectives and 2D perspectives.

When Suzy needs to navigate a tight corridor, the camera will shift laterally and it will feel like you are playing a 2D platformer. You will turn a corner and suddenly you are in an open, wide area. The camera will pull back out to give you full 3D control, and this seamless design is what allows for some creative level design.

The team behind Suzy Cube – Noodlecake Studios Inc – is known for their golf games like the Flappy Golf and Super Stickman Golf series, so seeing them tackle something like this is pretty cool to see. The team describes Suzy Cube as their personal passion project, so a lot of love has been poured into this game.

Suzy Cube jumps onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today for $3.99.


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