Welcome to the Behavioral Analysis Unit, rookie! Criminal Minds The Mobile Game is an all-new crime thriller adventure game based on the hit CBS TV series of the same name. You are in the center of a dramatic murder mystery, and only you can find the truth!

You are new recruit into the BAU team, the investigative masterminds that are in charge of all criminal cases. Players will work alongside fan favorite characters from the show, including Rossi, Prentiss, Reid, J.J., Garcia, and more. Fans of the show cannot miss this experience!

Each chapter contains a whole new case for you to solve. To start out, players will need to go to various crime scenes and collect evidence and clues. Once you have enough clues, you can start advanced processes to narrow down the list of potential suspects.

With DNA tests and sample analysis, you will get closer and closer to the truth. Eventually, with enough information in hand, you can use your own intuition to find the perpetrator. Remember though, it is a race against time to find the suspect!

You can start your new investigative career by downloading Criminal Minds The Mobile Game from the App Store and Google Play Store. The first chapter of the game is available for free, but future chapters must be purchased. For a limited time, you can pay 4.99 USD/4.99 GBP/5.49 EUR to unlock ALL future cases. Perfect for the Criminal Minds fans!


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