Jelly Shift Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Shape the jelly and pass through the obstacles in Jelly Shift, a new arcade casual game with fun jellies to play with! Your jelly will zoom through the track automatically, and you will need to adjust its shape so that it does not bump into anything on the way to the finish line. Collect gems and medals, and unlock fun new customizations for your jelly! Our Jelly Shift tips and tricks will show you how to control the jelly well and earn lots of gems.

Jelly Shift is a fun and relaxing game with a challenge level that is just right. Want to get more jellies? Read how to do that in our Jelly Shift cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use light movements for accurate transformations!

To shift the size of your jelly, you simply need to swipe up and down to change its shape. Swiping up will make your jelly taller and thinner, while swiping down will make it flatter and longer. You will need to adjust your jelly on the fly in order to pass the many obstacles in your path! Try to use only light, gentle movements when you are shifting to avoid accidentally shifting too much. If you swipe too far you might end up overshooting and transforming into something you do not need!

Activate fever mode!

When you pass through an obstacle successfully, you will get a “Perfect!” notice on the screen, as well as fill up the fever meter. Getting five perfects in a row will fill up the meter all the way and you will enter fever mode. During fever mode, your jelly will speed up and become invincible! That’s right – you do not have to worry about shifting as you will plow right through any obstacle in the way. If you knock into an obstacle at any point, your combo will be broken and the fever meter will reset to zero – be careful!

Catch the fruit!

At the beginning of every level, a fruit will race ahead of you from the start. If you can get through the level without bumping into too many obstacles, you will eventually catch the fruit. Collecting fruit is worth 35 bonus gems, so try to get as many as you can. Upon collecting the third consecutive fruit, you will earn 100 gems instead, so try to get the fruit on each level!

Get the gems in Gem Rush!

Every five levels or so, you will enter a bonus level called the Gem Rush. This is a straight forward level with around 60 gems for you to collect. There are no fruits to chase or gaps to fall off here, so do not worry if you run into an obstacle. Simply take a breather and try to grab all of the gems.

Collect new jellies!

You can buy new jellies to play as in the character selection screen. You can unlock a random jelly for 500 gems, then you can move onto the animals which require 1000 gems. The “Hero” jellies have to be acquired through the prize machine, so you will have to rely on luck to get them. The Legendary jellies are all tied to in-game achievements which must be acquired before they unlock, so be sure to read up on what you need to do in order to unlock them.

That’s all for Jelly Shift. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Jelly Shift Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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