It’s Literally Just Mowing Guide: Tips & Tricks To Lawn Mowing Like a Pro

It is time to calm down and mow the lawns! Protostar, the team behind Super Starfish, is back with a new mellow game: It’s Literally Just Mowing! Do you love nature and being outdoors? This is the game for you! With no timers or stressful move counts, it is just you and your lawnmower as you take a nice relaxing stroll outdoors.

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We will help you leave no blade of grass un-trimmed in our It’s Literally Just Mowing tips and tricks guide. In our guide, we will show you the basics of mowing, getting new gear for your character and lawnmower, and how to advance through the neighborhood easily. Let’s get started with our It’s Literally Just Mowing tips and tricks strategy guide to lawn mowing like a pro!

Lawn Mowing 101

It’s Literally Just Mowing is exactly what it says on the can – this game is nothing but mowing. You start off by entering a neighborhood, and each neighborhood has several different houses with lawns that must be trimmed. You go from house to house mowing the lawns.

To start a level, simply swipe up and you are thrown right into the thick of it, literally! You can swipe any direction on the screen to turn and start mowing in that direction. Just keep in mind that the lawn mower moves like a, well, lawn mower, so expect wide and slow turns.

Your lawn mower will travel in a straight line mowing down any tall grass it runs into, and your objective is to mow the entire lawn, making sure not to leave any traces of grass. If you are wondering just how much ground your lawn mower covers, look at the back of your wheels – anything that goes past your wheels is out of range.

Look for the Shiny Critters

When you are mowing grass, there is a chance that a shiny ball of light will pop out. If you tap on it, you will find a critter. Each neighborhood has a certain chance for different kinds of critters, so make sure you tap on every ball of light – you never know what you will find!

When you find a new critter for the first time, it will be recorded to your book of records. You can check to see all of the critter you have found, and you can even learn a little more about them!

If you find another critter that you have already discovered, you will earn a gem for your troubles, so always tap on the balls of light even if you think it is just gonna be another darned Monarch!

Lawn Mowing is all YOU!

The most important thing to remember about It’s Literally Just Mowing is that you have fun with it. There are literally no obstacles between you and your goal. Just mow however you like.

Want to be really neat and mow only in straight lines? You can do that! Want to mow all crooked and messy? You can do that and no one will judge you! It does not matter how you do it or how fast you do it, as long as you get the job down. It is just you and your lawn mower, so tackle the lawn YOUR way!

Ranking up with IMG

Each street with has a certain number of houses that need their lawns mowed. When you get to the end of the street, you will move onto the next one, and you will gain a point with IMG.

When you fill up the progress bar on your IMG card, you will be promoted and you will get a snazzy little hat to show your efforts! With a higher IMG rank, you can tackle bigger lawns and the rewards will be even better too. You can check your progress at any time by going into the records and tapping on the book icon to look at your IMG membership card.

Customizing your Lawn Mower

You start the game out with the standard lawn mower, but as you start to open toolboxes you will earn more points so that you can really make it your own. Lawn mowers have five parts to them: body, cutter, seat, wheels, and steering wheel.

When you unlock a new part, be sure to head into the customization window to see if you like the new part. All of the unlockable parts are purely cosmetic – they do not have any different stats, nor do they improve the performance of your lawn mower in any way, so go ahead and choose the parts that look the best to you.

Opening Toolboxes

You get new parts by opening toolboxes. You earn toolboxes whenever you complete a street, and there are different kinds of toolboxes. Regular toolboxes are the most common, and they take about four hours to open. They typically contain common parts.

Rare toolboxes are a little harder to come by, and they can take up to seven hours to open, but it is worth it! Rare toolboxes, as the name implies, have a much greater chance of having one of the rarer parts that really make your lawn mower pop out.

Finally, there are lightning toolboxes. Unlike the other two, lightning toolboxes can be opened as soon as you get them, and they have a selection that is close to the regular toolboxes.

If you fill up all four of your toolbox slots and try to earn another one, the game will warn you that you are full and that you will waste a crate. Wait for one of your older crates to finish opening, or spend the gems to instantly open it if you do not want to wait.

Come back for a Login Bonus Farm!

It’s Literally Just Mowing handles login bonuses a little differently from the typical mobile game. When you first log into the game on a new day, you will see that the lawn before you is glowing and there is a notification saying “first lawn of the day”.

Mowing your first lawn for the day will reward you with a hefty amount of gems – we are talking somewhere around 400 gems! Needless to say that is quite a lot, so be sure to mow at least one lawn every day to get your sweet bonus.

Use your Gems to open Toolboxes

Do not be afraid to spend your gems on speeding up toolboxes so you can get to the sweet rewards inside. In fact, we encourage you do so because there is sort of nothing else to spend your gems on!

You can buy extra toolboxes with gems, but since you get free toolboxes every time you clear a street, you might as well just spend your gems to open the ones you already have. Either way, you get more parts for your lawn mower!

And that is all on our guide for It’s Literally Just Mowing. Relax, have fun, and enjoy your time lawn mowing! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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It’s Literally Just Mowing Guide: Tips & Tricks To Lawn Mowing Like a Pro

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