Precision slashing awaits you in iSlash Heroes! This game is like an alternative version of Fruit Ninja. Imagine, instead of fruit, you’re slicing up whole boards with deadly accuracy! Be careful though, as there are spinning shurikens flying all over the board. Colliding with one of these will end it all, so may your slashes strike true! Balance, precision, and accuracy are key to high scores in this game, so we’ll help you get started with our iSlash Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Slash as efficiently as possible!


Each level grades you on the following:

  • Bamboo: The more of the board you cut, the more points you’ll receive in this category. Try to aim for big chunks of the board!
  • Time: The faster you reach your bamboo objective, the more points you’ll earn. Go as fast as possible but don’t hit any of the shurikens!
  • Slash: The less slashes you use to reach your goal, the more points you’ll get. Going off of the bamboo category, you should try to aim for big chunks whenever possible.

Mastering all three categories will help you earn three stars on each level!

2. Study the board!

Before you start each level, you’ll see a small preview of the board you need to cut. Be sure to study this before hand to plan out your attack! Check out the board too, and look at all of the sides. See if there are any sides with the protective metal plating that you need to avoid. The only downside to this is that you won’t know where the shurikens spawn until you start the level.

3. Slash fast for a combo!

This is probably too hard to accomplish on your first run through a level, but if you cut the board then make another slash after, you’ll build up a combo bonus. This combo multiplier multiplies the current score count on the slashes you’ve made, and it can increase as long as you can keep slashing. If you take too long or miss a slash, the combo will end and you’ll earn points based on how long your combos was. This is incredibly tricky to pull off efficiently so don’t sweat it the first time you try a level. However, if you can master this technique, you’ll earn BIG points!

4. Wait before collecting buddha!

You’ll notice that sometimes when you slash a piece off, a golden buddha statue will appear. Tapping the statue will cause time to slow down, enabling you to land easier slashes. The bigger of a chunk of you cut off, the higher chances of a statue spawning. With that said, if you do cause one to spawn after you cut a big piece off, wait a bit before you tap it! If you tap it the moment it spawns, the giant piece you sawed off will still be in your vision and because of the slow down it’ll take longer than usual to get out of the way. By the time it’s gone, you’ve probably wasted most of the slow-down. Of course, if you slash off a small piece and a statue spawns, feel free to pick it up right away.

5. Balance!

The key is getting high scores in this game is to balance your slashes. What we mean by this is that waiting too long for the right moment to slash will hinder your time score, while slashing tiny chunks as fast as possible will reduce your slash and bamboo score. Try to balance it out by going for medium-sized chunks whenever you see an opportunity. Remember that you cannot “isolate” a shuriken! If you try to make a slash that would effectively destroy a shuriken, the slash will not go through.

That’s all for iSlash Heroes. If you have any other slashing tips, leave a comment below!



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