Island of Mu is a really addictive monster breeding game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and so far I am having a great time filling up my island with the amazing creatures the game has to offer. I am sure that you can say the same thing, but you’d like to get an advantage in the game and hopefully we can help you with that by sharing some Island of Mu cheats and tips to help you breed all monsters and enjoy everything the game has to offer.

So if your progress is slow and you want to get further faster, checkout our Island of Mu tips and tricks for a perfect strategy guide for your island(s)!

1. Max up your habitats use
You only start with the option to get some tiny habitats, but soon you will be able to get better ones. When you unlock a new type of habitat, don’t settle for just getting the new one on your island. Instead, move all your monsters to the new habitat and replace the smaller one to increase your profits. Also, make sure that you have all your habitats full with monsters, even though they are low level and of a lower rarity: at least they produce some coins and they’re better than nothing!

2. Max out the space usage
Pretty soon, you will see that space is a big problem in Island of Mu, so try to use what you got at a maximum: don’t purchase any decorations and instead squeeze all the buildings close together so that you can use all the space that you have.

3. Save your Gems for extra Mugwai
You will earns some extra Gems as you play the game and complete the achievements and you should save them and put them to a good use: invest in an extra Mugwai, so that you can work more fields at the same time. Ideally, you will always have four Mugwai to put to work, but three is a good start too!

4. Collect the coins often
The only way to make coins in Island of Mu is by collecting from your habitats. They usually take a lot of time to fill up, depending on the level of the monsters inside, but once they are full, they no longer make money for you. So my advice would be to always collect all the coins from the habitats before you stop playing, so that you max out your gains.

5. Always use The Source elements
When sending your monsters to hunt – and to create a brand new monster for you, you can increase the chances of getting a rare one by spending some material from The Source. I strongly suggest you do that because that’s exactly what you want and need: rare monsters that give you more coins and are more impressive than regular ones!

6. The 5 minute jobs
When you send your Mugwai to work, choose the 5 minute jobs if you have the time to wait. These jobs are the best choices in terms of coins per unit of produced food or stones, but when you leave for a longer period of time, it’s a better idea to take the most expensive one in order to max out the items produced per time period.

7. Focus on food
Even though Stones are extremely important in the game because you need them to breed new monsters, it’s food that levels them up and the one resource that gets consumed faster. So for every one stone job, do three food jobs in order to keep a balance.

8. Breed multiple elements
If you want to have the best variety of monsters on your island, I would suggest you always breed multiple elements. This way, you can get a new animal and never know the real outcome of your Hunting process. Unless you particularly want a specific monster (for which you need to use specific elements), go with your luck and follow your heart when it comes to the elements chosen: you never know what you will get!

These would be for now our Island of My tips and tricks. If you have any extra suggestions, let us know by commenting below.


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