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Is There a Shiny Cubone in Pokémon GO

Is There a Shiny Cubone in Pokémon GO
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Cubone has been present for a long time in Pokemon GO at this point, but it was only recently when Cubone was given a Spotlight Hour in the game.

On the 1st of March, 2022, between 6pm – 7pm ran Cubone’s Spotlight Hour, the very first one for March 2022 This meant that Cubone appeared with increased frequency rates in the wild, while also responding much more actively to Incense, and also spawning in areas where one wouldn’t usually see it appearing.

Is Shiny Cubone Available in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Shiny Cubone is available in the game, and was available for quite a while now. What the Spotlight Hour did, was basically indirectly increase Cubone’s shiny odds. The shiny rate for Cubone remained the same, but since its encounter rate went up drastically, so would the chances that you ran into a shiny Cubone go up as well.

If you were fortunate enough to play during Cubone’s Spotlight Hour, you must have probably reaped the benefits in one way or another. If you missed it though,, do not fret. Cubone is not the most rare Pokemon out there in the first place, so encountering it should be no issue for you.

Cubone are very commonly found in and around parks, parking areas, and other wide open spaces. Hunt for Cubone here and you are sure to come across a Shiny Cubone soon enough!

Cubone evolves into the pure Ground-type Pokemon, Marowak. Simply feed it 50 Candies to watch your Cubone evolve.

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Is There a Shiny Cubone in Pokémon GO


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