Is Quake Fruit Good in Blox Fruits? – Answered


Blox Fruits is one of the most interesting RPGs that you can find on the platform known as Roblox. This project has a huge list of various fruits you can use to get some magic powers. In this guide, we are going to talk about one of the most exciting representatives of these items. This guide will tell you if Quake Fruit is good in Blox Fruits.

What Is Quake Fruit in Blox Fruits?

There are many different fruits that you can use in Blox Fruits to give some magic powers to your character. Some of them provide your avatar with a powerful set of skills and you may want to know how good the Quake Fruit is. So, today we are going to talk about this item.

Basically, Quake Fruit allows your character to perform various attacks related to earthquakes and shock waves. It looks really amazing and most of its animations are great. So, you may want to use such a cool power and we will tell you if it is good.

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Is Quake Fruit Good in Blox Fruits?

Quake Fruit provides your character with some amazing attacks and you may want to use it as your primary power. Fortunately, it is considered to be one of the strongest fruits in this game. Its skills are extremely powerful and they deal a decent amount of damage. Also, they tend to push your opponents back and it allows you to control your enemies. However, the fruit suffers from a lack of mobility skills and some of its attacks are unable to hit flying opponents.

Quake Fruit is really amazing and we will be glad if our guide helps you to learn something new about it. Good luck with your further adventures and battles in Blox Fruits!

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Is Quake Fruit Good in Blox Fruits? – Answered


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