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Is Palworld Crossplay? – Answered

Is Palworld Crossplay? – Answered
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The “Pokemon with guns” game that many in the community weren’t even sure about, whether it is a cash grab scam or an actual game, Palworld, is making waves in the gaming community as it has become the most played game and has broken several records within the first 40 hours of launch. 

With the massive number of concurrent players playing Palworld on Xbox and PC platforms, many aren’t able to play with their friends on different platforms, making them question whether Palworld supports the crossplay features. 

If you are one such player, keep reading as we answer whether Palworld supports cross-platform play while talking about other related things. 

Is Palworld Crossplay?

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The short answer is no! Palworld doesn’t support a crossplay feature between PC and Xbox platforms, though you can play together within the Xbox environment. To put it in simpler terms, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players can play Palworld together but not with PC players. 

So, if you own the game on Xbox and are thinking of playing the game with your friends on the PC platform, even though the game is available through Game Pass, you cannot play together. 

Moreover, if you are playing the game through Game Pass or have bought it on the Xbox Store, you won’t be able to access the community and dedicated servers as they are currently only available on PC via Steam. 

However, seeing the massive success the game has managed to garner within a short period of time, we may get cross-platform play and other such features along with new content in the coming months as the game approaches its final release. 

Will Crossplay Come To Palworld?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier, we may see crossplay added to the game later down the road, as even developers Pocketpair said in their official FAQ that they are working on the crossplay feature. 

“Not at launch, but we are working to make this a possibility as soon as possible!”

That sums up everything you must know about Palworld. While here, check out our guide on everything you need to know about Palworld before playing. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Palworld section

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Is Palworld Crossplay? – Answered