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Is Lost Ark Down? How to Check Lost Ark Server Status

Is Lost Ark Down? How to Check Lost Ark Server Status

There’s a lot to love about Lost Ark. Ever since it launched in 2019, the popular RPG MMO game by Smilegate and published by Amazon Gaming Studios has garnered millions of players on PC.

And like many other MMO titles, Lost Ark operates on international servers, which means that the game will sometimes go through maintenance that’ll make the developers shut down the servers until updates are completed. However, players can sometimes be unable to play the game even after maintenance has been completed. So is Lost Ark down? Here’s how to check Lost Ark’s server status.

Is Lost Ark Down? How to Check Lost Ark Server Status

If you’ve been playing Lost Ark for a while and you’re unable to connect to the servers, there are a couple of ways you can confirm if there’s a problem. And one of the best ways to do this is simply checking the official Lost Ark server status web page.


The game’s official status web page is the first and best place to look, as it contains a list of all the game’s servers according to the region. Here, you’ll see the current status of each region next to them. Simply select the region you’re playing the game from and locate the name of your server. If all the servers are good and running well, you’ll see a green checkmark (✓) that shows the servers are not down.

Alternatively, you can also stay up-to-date on the game’s official Twitter account, as it’s one of the first places you’ll get the latest announcements on server downtime, scheduled maintenance, or any upcoming event/update. So if there’s going to be downtime for a particular server, you’re very likely to get the news from the game’s official Twitter account first.

If for some reason your connection issues persist and you’re not able to access the game, and the server status page shows that all regions are working well, then it might be a problem from your end.

So ensure your WiFi or Router is working well and that there’s no firewall or anti-virus on your PC that’s blocking the game from accessing Lost Ark’s servers. Lastly, you can try restarting your PC as this might just solve the issue for you.

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Is Lost Ark Down? How to Check Lost Ark Server Status


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