Home Game Guides Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Steam Deck Platform? Answered 

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Steam Deck Platform? Answered 

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Steam Deck Platform? Answered 

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG set in the world of Harry Potter in the 1800s, where you assume to role of a new student who stands at the center of an ancient secret that threatens the entire Wizarding world. 

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Sony’s State of Play focused on Hogwarts Legacy aired on March 17, 2022. And with that, players finally had an in-depth look at the immersive gameplay that Hogwarts Legacy offers. 

As a response, we had many new and future owners of Steam Deck wondering if they can play Hogwarts Legacy on the Steam Deck platform or not?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Steam Deck Platform?

At the time of writing this article, we have no official information on whether Steam Deck will support Hogwarts Legacy or not. 

However, there is a sliver of hope for current and future Steam Deck owners as Hogwarts Legacy is getting a Nintendo Switch release. Moreover, the Steam Deck is nothing but a portable PC that can run games from your Steam library. And Hogwarts Legacy is releasing on PC via Steam and other stores. 

Keeping all that in mind, along with the fact that even games like Elden Ring were available on Steam Deck at Day One, we can say that Steam Deck will support Hogwarts Legacy

We will update this article when there is any official news on regarding Hogwarts Legacy’s support on Steam Deck. Till then, we recommend players to be positive about Hogwarts Legacy’s support on Steam Deck as we think its completely possible. 

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Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive open-world roleplaying game set to arrive later this year on PS4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PS5, Xbox One, PC.

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Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Steam Deck Platform? Answered 


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