Home Guides Is Bayonetta 3 The Last Game? – Ending Explained

Is Bayonetta 3 The Last Game? – Ending Explained

Is Bayonetta 3 The Last Game? – Ending Explained

On this page, we explain the ending of Bayonetta 3. Obviously, this article contains spoilers, but if you want to know where we stand in the story and if there’s going to be another chapter, you are in the right place!

The Bayonetta 3 conclusion is incredibly chaotic. After going through the fundamentals, let’s examine what they signify. In a variety of weird side-scrolling tasks throughout the game, we control Jeanne in an effort to save Dr. Sigurd.

We succeed in this, but Jeanne is killed by Sigurd when Bayonetta and Jeanne are brought back together. It’s crucial for later that Lukas and Viola are present. The Singularity, a cosmic entity that has been spreading devastation across the multiverse and, most crucially, destroying the other Bayonettas of other worlds, is then fought by Bayonetta.

When it looks like there is no hope left because Lukas and Viola are stranded outside of the battle, two more Bayonettas appear. Lukas and the “primary” Bayonetta 3 protagonist are both slain and sent to Hell. But Viola manages to flee. The game finishes when she takes on the name “Bayonetta” (Bayo’s true name is Cereza).

What Happened to Bayonetta

Singularity is defeated, but Bayonetta’s spirit escapes from her body. Sadly, Luka follows Bayonetta to her doom, and the two of them both perish in Inferno. As it has been established throughout the game that Viola is Luka and Bayonetta’s (Cereza’s) kid from a different universe, Viola weeps and addresses Luka and Bayonetta as “Daddy” and “Mummy” as they pass away.

Viola fights a Dark Ev, a dark alter ego of prior Bayonettas, once again after Bayonetta and Luka are drawn inside the hell’s vortex. When this battle is won, a lesson from the battle is revealed. Bayonetta returns from the shadows and declares that Viola has a new name before disappearing.

Is this the Final Chapter?

Jeanne, once passed away in the first Bayonetta game series, but was later brought back to life by Bayonetta. Even if the circumstances are entirely different, there is still a possibility when the new Bayonetta (Viola) sets out on her quest to save the previously deceased Bayonetta. There is a chance that she will choose to do it or that a third person will be involved.

Although Bayonetta appeared in various forms in each of the three games, they all had a similar appearance, demeanor, and overall vibe. The same individual in many worlds. It is obvious that Viola is not Bayonetta despite the name. So it appears like Viola will be the main character in Bayonetta 4 if it happens.

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Is Bayonetta 3 The Last Game? – Ending Explained


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