Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a high fidelity fantasy action RPG. You play as Damien, a skilled swordsman who is a part of the Templars. Sensing the return of the Demon Lord Baal being right around the corner, the Templars have sprung into action. Unfortunately they’ve been branded as criminals by the European kingdom, so Damien will have to fight his way through hordes of knights, undead, and more in this fast-paced action RPG.

Fighting is the name of the game in Iron Blade: Medieval Legends, so we’ve got someĀ Iron Blade: Medieval Legends cheats and tips here in our guide. We’ve got some tips on the finer details of combat and getting better gear.

Let’s get started with our Iron Blade: Medieval Legends tips and tricks guide!

Practice Perfect Parry timing to fight better!

Watch the lightning bolts above enemies’ heads closely. Blocking during this time will result in a normal block – your shield will absorb the damage, but you’ll lose some stamina. However, if you wait a little longer and let the enemy actually wind up a strike, the lightning bolts will turn yellow. Blocking during this split second will result in a perfect parry. A perfect parry doesn’t have the stamina penalty as a regular block does, and Damien will also automatically follow up with a high damaging riposte.

The riposte is actually a very useful move when dealing with the armored knights, like the first major boss Hugo the Crusher. Since you don’t get many opportunities to land an offhand strike, the riposte will always do a good amount of damage, and all you need to worry about it is timing your perfect parries. Practice your perfect parries to get the timing down. Eventually you’ll be able to do it like it’s nothing!

Take advantage of the weapon triangle!

The game doesn’t really explain this but there are three different types of gear you can obtain. You’ve probably noticed this by now but each piece of equipment has a special colored symbol attached to it. The blue wings is “Divine”, the red horned skull is “Demonic”, and the yellow laurel is “Heroic”. Divine beats demonic, demonic beats heroic, and heroic beats divine.

You can tell what kind of enemies you’ll be going up against by the symbol at the bottom left corner during the difficulty select in the campaign menu. If you go into the Change Gear menu during a level select, you can tap the optimize gear and the game will automatically equip the best stuff you have to against that element.

Knowing your skills is the key to combat!

Each piece of gear can have an active or passive skill attached to it. All of them grant you additional abilities. Active skills will give you extra power to tear down your foes in battle, while passive skills will grant you bonuses to your stats and health. Knowing which ones you have is part of the battle though, so be sure to check what kind of skills you have before heading into a level!

One important skill to have is Shield Breaker. This active skill is a powerful strike that bypasses enemy defenses, which makes it the perfect skill choice when you’re up against the armored knights. Another important skill is Savagery. This passive skill speeds up the cooldowns of your active skills every time you land a hit with your offhand weapon. If you can land consistent off hand strikes, you can use your active skills frequently letting you decimate the battlefield.

Get your free chests!

You can open a regular chest for free every five hours. Be sure to do this as much as you can, because these chests have items, keys, and sometimes rubies in them. For the Premium chests, you’ll need to save up your silver keys or rubies. Silver keys are obtained from the daily log in reward and from leveling up. Rubies are the premium currency of the game and the only free ways to get them are also through the daily log in rewards.

In fact, be sure not to miss a day. To open the Legendary Gear chests, you’ll need 50 golden keys. So far the only way to obtain these to our knowledge is to log in for all 30 consecutive days on the daily log in reward board. Completing the entire month will net you exactly 50 golden keys, so you can open a legendary chest right away.

That’s all the tips we currently have for Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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