Vainglory, the fantasy MOBA game developed for iPad by Super Evil Megacorp, has finally received release dates for all regions. The plural is not a mistake, as the game isn’t going to be released on the same day worldwide.

According to the team, the game will be released in UK and Europe next week, on November 13th. The Americas, Middle East and Africa will be getting the game on November 18th.

Vainglory doesn’t play all that different from popular MOBA games like DOTA and League Of Legends, just to name the two more popular games of the genre. Just like in these games, players will have enter a big arena together with their team and fight against other teams to emerge victorious in heated matches. The main objective of the game is to infiltrate the enemy base and shatter their crystal called Vain.

Even though the gameplay experience of Vainglory may seem too straightforward, things are actually deeper than they seem, with players having the possibility to customize their characters with different loadouts. Luckily, the game is not going to feature any sort of waiting time so it will be possible to play the game for as long as one likes. IAPs, however, will be included, offering players extra customization options.

Vainglory will be released next week on the App Store in Europe and North America.



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