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Infinity Tree Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow and Become the Best

Infinity Tree Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow and Become the Best

The Infinity Tree tips and tricks we are going to share with you in today’s article will make this simple yet super fun game much more easier to understand and to pass quickly through the early stages so you can reach the end-game goal.

Basically you will have to help a funny-looking tree grow big and prosperous, so you need to water it and care for it like for a little child. It might sound a little dumb, but that’s just how the game is, so try to be understanding (and overlook the tons of spelling mistakes in the game).

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Infinity Tree tips and cheats!

Tap the clouds

These cute little clouds hovering over your tree are basically rain clouds. In order to help the fruit on your tree grow faster you need them watered, right? Well, do the math here! The rain clouds produce rain, and you need that. So quickly tap on them when you see them and you will get these clouds to rain all over your crops.

The higher your tree grows to be, the more clouds you will be able to tap on. Just don’t forget to do so because sometimes behind them you will find birds carrying boxes. I’ll detail more about this below, but for now keep an eye on the clouds and tap on as many as you can, as often as possible.

Watch the birds

The taller your tree gets, the more varieties of birds you’ll encounter. As we are not fans of the Crows in this game, we’re pretty sure you don’t particularly like them either. The birds are of varying colors, shapes and forms, and they might be useful or harmful.

The Blue Bird, Red Bird, White Bird, Black Bird, Big Mouse, Rainbow Bird, Iron Bird, Thunder Bird, Big Blue Bird and Fire Bird are all good folks. The ones towards the end of the list are the rarer ones, and the ones at the beginning of it are the more common birds.

At the early levels pay especially close attention to the Blue Birds carrying boxes, as you will be rewarded with cash when opening them. They will also sometimes carry golden chests, which are filled with Vibranium (you’re going to want these, trust me).

By simply tapping on the bird with the chest you’ll open it instantly and you will be rewarded anywhere between 0 and thousands of cash, so make sure you tap on as many as you can to quickly gather the cash for upgrades.

The Crows are not good people. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of the bird species IRL, you might be in for a little disappointment, as this game has made them your enemy. They will come eat your fruit and you will need to tap them in order to make them go away. I suggest tapping them as you see them land on the tree since that will minimize the damage they do.

Obtain the Revolution Fruit

This is one special little fruit that will appear once in a while and is quite tough to get. You’re going to have to coordinate yourself very well and not get angry easily, since you’re bound to fail a few times (maybe when you least expected).

When you have such a fruit, you can tap on it and it’s going to make a worm appear at the bottom of the tree. The worm will need to reach the fruit in order to transform into a pretty butterfly, and the road isn’t that easy.

For the worm to reach the Revolution Fruit you’ll need to tap and hold at your screen, and release when the bar turns green. That is a fairly quick interaction, so try to pay attention and if you fail, don’t get disappointed and try again. You’ll get it eventually.

My suggestion here is not to let yourself get carried away and get angry, because it will only worsen the situation. It’s best if you take your time and count in your mind how long it takes for the bar to reach the green color, and when the times comes, quickly release and advance to the next branch.

Open the money presents!

Once in a while you will see there floating about in the sky a cute little packaged gift. That will give you a lot of money by simply watching an ad. If you are in dire need of some quick cash, this will be your best and quickest method to gather some. And I suggest you take the time to watch an ad for that, since it’s well worth it.

Gather Vibranium for the aliens

Once your tree gets pretty big, even an alien spacecraft can’t miss it. For real. At some point in the game (early on) an UFO will crash into your tree. The aliens will offer to help you build stuff in exchange for Vibranium.

To gather this Vibranium simply open the Golden Chests (and you will get 2 Vibranium per chest), or if you feel like spending a couple of bucks, buy them for real money. I don’t suggest doing that however, since they are easily obtainable with patience and by opening the Golden Chests.

There are several options here given by the little green men (actually not green at all here), and I’ll explain exactly on which ones to focus first.

Time machine: this option will speed up time, focus on this first. Costs 300 Vibranium.

Bird catcher: it will catch the birds on its own, so you don’t have to tap on them. Get this secondly. Costs 300 Vibranium.

Thirdly, you can choose either one you like from these:

Cloud Machine: gathers clouds for you. Costs 1000 Vibranium.

Fruit License: gives you more money when you sell fruit. Costs 2000 Vibranium.

The last options are the Pump Power Amplifier, Vibranium Sensor and Vibranium Changer, which you can gather later on if you feel like it, but it’s not mandatory since you can do just well without them. 

Upgrade the tools and collect your rewards

Don’t forget to upgrade the tools you use to make the tree grow faster. The pump is going to be your main source for that, and I suggest doing that first and foremost. But since the cost is relatively low (up until some later levels), you will be able to upgrade them all together.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the quest log. Keep track of your quests and collect the rewards you get from them, since they will greatly help you when you want to upgrade something. The rewards also get better the further you progress through the quests, so keep that in mind.

These would be all the Infinity Tree tips and tricks we have for you, but if you learned something cool that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment down below and share it with everyone!

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Infinity Tree Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow and Become the Best



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