Just in time for Thanksgiving, Chair Entertainment has released some new holiday-themed helmet items for their recent mobile threequel Infinity Blade 3 that are available for a limited time only.

The new helmets, which are available for both of Infinity Blade 3’s protagonists Siris and Isa, turn each hero’s head into a ridiculous-looking (and somewhat creepy) turkey head. Siris’s new look is complete with a top-hat while Isa sports a pretty little bow on top of her bald turkey noggin.

In addition to looking downright odd, the helmets do come with the added benefit of granting a boost to both experience and skill point gain which means players looking to get into the Thanksgiving spirit can get a little leg-up while they do so. The helmets likely won’t be around for long what with Thanksgiving being right around the corner so interested players are encouraged to act fast.