Immortal Blade Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Immortal Blade tips and cheats to help you get more powerful and acquire the best possible gears in the game!

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This is pretty much an idle game where you are constantly battling monsters and various enemies in hope that you will eventually reach a point where you can destroy everything and everyone! It is an idle RPG, but in my opinion it lacks in regards to character creation and such, but putting that aside, you might actually like it!

So let’s not waste another second and tell you everything that you need to know about the game, along with all of our Immortal Blade tips and tricks to get more powerful!

Do the in game quests

One of the fastest ways to progress early on is by following the game’s main quests which will be given to you in the bottom side of the screen. They are really easy to do, and they will reward you with EXP, gears and Gold and if you want to make all of the upgrades as fast as possible, then try making this your number one priority.

All of the quests which the game will give you are super easy so just read what they ask you to do, and then tap on it to quickly be taken to the quest’s location. Once the quests are finished (they will have the green text Done next to them) you can tap on the quests again to claim the rewards.

Doing this very early on to unlock all of the game’s features is important, but later on you can try doing this as well, because there will pretty much always be a task for you to complete until you finish the game.

My tip here: Early on it’s super easy to level up just with them, so try to complete as many quests as you can because you will get everything that you need and they will help you improve your hero fast.

Better gears will make a better char

Always check if you have equipped the best gears possible, and always make sure that you equip the best (new) gears when you obtain them. Being up to date with your equipment is something that will make challenging the enemy bosses a walk int he park!

To check if you have the best gears on, you can head on to the Hero button (the first one, which has the icon of a hero’s helm) in the bottom side of the screen, and there you can see that a new button will appear underneath your character which reads Equip All.

This button will let you quickly equip all the best gears that you currently have, so make sure that if you see this option available you tap it right away because it will instantly give your hero the best gears from your inventory.

Normally a small red dot will appear next to the Hero button, so when you see that, it might mean that you have some new gears ready for equipping.

Fight all the bosses and pass more stages

The bosses will have an icon on the bottom right side of the screen, and whenever you see that you will be able to tap on it, that will mean that you are eligible to challenge the stage’s boss and move forward (usually the bar will fill up and when the icon turns green, you can challenge the next stage).

At the very beginning try to challenge it whenever it is available, because it will help you reach the next stage and fight stronger enemies which give better EXP. If you don’t do this, you could just get stuck farming low level monsters and waste time with them.

After you have reached a certain level (around 31-32), you will be able to select the Auto option which will appear under the boss’ icon. Activate that after you unlock it and you will progress automatically with each stage without having to do anything else pretty much, and that’s when you can fully focus on making all the upgrades that you can.

Smelt the old gears and forge the new

While you’re constantly fighting enemies, your hero will pick up a ton of gears – not only that, but from quests, bosses and so on as well. After a while your bag will get full, and you don’t want that to happen because then you won’t be able to pick anything else anymore!

When you have gathered plenty of trash equipment, all you have to do is head on to your Inventory (the bag icon in the bottom side of the screen) and select the Smelt button.

That will automatically smelt all of the gears which are lower quality than the ones which you currently have equipped, so if you picked something up that is better than what you currently have, and haven’t met the requirements just yet, don’t worry – it won’t be automatically smelted!

Don’t worry about smelting the orange and purple gears – those will give you Reinforcement Stones which you can then use to forge your equipment. I suggest that you smelt the old gears whenever you have a couple of extra seconds on your hand because it can take a bit if your bag is filled.

Once you emptied your bag and smelted a lot of gears, you can then head on to the Forge tab (the tab with a hammer next to the Bag) and select the Intensify button which will let you improve all of the gears that you have.

By doing this you will enhance all of the gears that you are equipping and they will stay that level of enhancement – so even if you change your equip to better ones, it will keep the forging level. (also forging costs increasingly more Enhancement Stones, so the more you forge, the more you will need to Smelt)

Keep your skills upgraded

Your skills are super important, and they will consume a lot of your Coins, and trust me when I say a lot – it IS a lot. You can instantly upgrade all of your skills by selecting the Upgrade All button and you should always do that when it is available. That will make your attacks more powerful, and make it easier to defeat stage bosses.

Take a look at the Market wares

In the Market button in the top side of the screen you will sometimes find some very good items which can be discounted. You will have new items listed every single day, and in the Black Market tab you will discover items which will cost Coins (Gold) and Gems.

You should make sure that you try to purchase everything that you need with Coins, because as a f2p player that is the currency which you will have access to the most (and easiest).

My tip here: I suggest that you save up your Gold for various upgrades and always check for items which are discounted 50% or more (again, preferably with Gold). Those are the ones worth investing in the most – then you can of course check the items which cost Gems and are discounted, but try not to focus on the Market and purchasing gears from here early levels because you will get good enough gears from just grinding and bosses. Do that in the higher levels.

Do the World Bosses for red gears

The World Bosses which drop some of the best gears in game can be found by heading on to the tab right above the stage boss, which is called Boss (has no name tag, but a skull and sword icon).

There you will notice several world bosses which will respawn after a while, and have quite a big array of drops. Many people will be challenging these bosses, so I suggest that you keep an eye on those who are eager to PvP (because it is possible to attack the players!).

The best thing you could do is select the Attack Boss option there, to simply attack the boss, and if you notice any players acting up and PvPing, then you select the Attack Owner option which will let your characters attack other players.

My tip here: You can have some fun with killing people fighting the bosses by upgrading your characters quite a bit and heading on there just to PK the others. It is a bit of a jerk move, but if you want to spice things up a little, you can do that too!

Claim your daily rewards

Every single day that you will simply log in to the game you will be able to claim free rewards which will help your heroes get stronger! I suggest that even if you don’t plan on playing the game in that particular day, that you still log in and claim them because you will use them at a later time!

Need some extra currency? Go offline!

If you find yourself stuck in the game and cannot advance any further, you can go offline! It is an idle game after all, so you will benefit from tons of rewards, such as various gears picked up from farming AFK, Coins and EXP!

So if you want to advance but don’t really have the time, or if you don’t have any more currency to make upgrades, then simply close the game and come back after a while to claim the offline rewards!

These would be all of our Immortal Blade tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Feel free to share them down in the comments section below!

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Immortal Blade Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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