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Illusion Connect Tourney Event Guide

Illusion Connect Tourney Event Guide
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If you’re an avid Illusion Connect player, you’re probably just as excited as I am about the newest event in-game. Therefore, I’ve prepared an all-new Illusion Connect Tourney Event guide to help you better understand how this event works and learn how to get all the rewards.

Illusion Connect Tourney Event Period: 21 November 2020 – 5 December 2020

In this event, you’re introduced to the newly released Brooke, who is a pretty good single-target and row AoE unit. She could be considered an SS-Tier unit, because her kit can make her the single most powerful carry on a Light Paladin Leader deck (alongside Light and Guardian units).

Tourney Event description:

Players have to vote and encourage their favorite partner from a 4-bracket tournament. Each of the brackets lasts for a day, so you have about a day (or slightly less) to keep encouraging your favorite unit. To support them, you will use Encourage items (Fleeceflower Roots, Lingzhi, Ginseng, and Snow Lotus).

At the end of the event, the partner who received the most support will be deemed the winner. Players who’ve supported them will receive a number of prizes, including SSR equipment, Diamonds, and Gold Partner Stones, depending on their rank (how many points they accumulated).

How much popularity each Encourage item gives:

Fleeceflower Roots: +100 points
Lingzhi: +300 points
Ginseng: +1200 points + 2% Guild Popularity (max 20%/person)
Snow Lotus: +2500 points

How to get Encourage items:

You can obtain Fleeceflower Roots, Lingzhi, and Ginseng in two ways:

1. By completing the Event Boss fight stages (1.11 and 1.12 at the moment). You will receive guaranteed Fleeceflower Roots and Lingzhi, but the Ginseng is slightly rarer.
2. By opening the Gift Boxes you get from clearing Event stages 1.1 – 1.10 (you can find them in your Inventory, all the way at the bottom).

You can obtain Snow Lotus from the Shop -> Limited Time Shop, and it costs 188 Diamonds to get 1 Snow Lotus. There is a maximum of 50 Snow Lotus you can purchase in total, and I strongly advise you NOT to give them all to the first event bracket partner, but to give just enough to keep you at the top.

Other event items:

Martial Tea: Used to unlock more Event Achievements in the Event Quests tab.
Kung Fu Noodles: This is the Energy you use for this event (you won’t use your normal Energy). You refill 1x Kung Fu Noodle every 9 minutes and can store a maximum of 400. You also receive them from the instances that give you Dream Arena Tickets (Dream, Expedition, etc).
Gift Box: This is an amazing event reward that can give you pretty much anything, from Gold to event items, XP Potions, and more. You find them in your Inventory.

Illusion Connect Tourney event stages explained:

As of the time this article goes live, there are only 10 Normal stages released, and 2 Normal Boss stages (I’ll update you when there will be more stages, on November 25th). When fighting in these stages, if you want additional stats and more powerful heroes, you can add one of the following members to your team (if you have them):

Brooke: Gets +300% DMG, 30% DMG RES Rate, +2 Lingzhi when the boss dies
Ming: Gets +300% DMG, 30% DMG RES Rate, +2 Lingzhi when the boss dies
Phoebe: Gets +300% DMG, 30% DMG RES Rate, +2 Lingzhi when the boss dies

You want to complete the event from 1.1 to 1.10 as soon as you can, and then unlock the Boss stages. From the first 10 stages you’ll receive Gift Boxes, Martial Tea, and Tourney Tickets. You want to Raid these events whenever possible, to get as many rewards as you can.

Remember to always fight the bosses when you have enough Tourney Tickets.

Illusion Connect Tourney event quests explained:

You will have Daily quests (6) and Achievements, which give you amazing rewards. From the daily quests you’ll be able to claim a total of 150 Martial Tea, 2 Ginseng and 10 Gift Boxes every day.

From the Achievements you’ll be able to claim a total of 1500 Diamonds, 2 Selected Tickets, 1776x Lost Mirror, 1 SR Collection Chest, and the new and limited-time skin for Hersey, Fleeting Shadow. To claim all the achievements (skin included) you’ll need a total of 18000 Martial Tea. So, get to raiding!

Illusion Connect Tourney event encouraging/popularity rewards explained:

When you choose to support one (or both) of the partners in the tourney, you’ll have to choose carefully who you donate most of your resources to. The winning partner gives some really amazing rewards to EVERYBODY who encouraged them. The losing partner gives rewards to everybody who encouraged them too, but these rewards pale in comparison with the winners’ ones.

You can encourage both of the partners, to try and get the rewards from both rankings!

Personal points rewards:

You get a lot of rewards for supporting a partner, no matter if they win or lose. These rewards reset for each bracket match, so you can claim a lot of useful stuff! These rewards are 375k Gold, Nightmare Hunter SSR weapon, 2 Summon Tickets, Bone Cloth. To claim these rewards you have to support one partner a total of 35000 times (donate enough event items until you reached 35000).

Rank rewards:

Depending on how much you’ve supported and donated to a partner, you will be placed in a rank. At the end of the bracket match, you will be able to claim rewards based on your rank. The winners get SSR gear, a lot of Diamonds and Gold Partner Stones, while the losers get Gold instead of SSR gear, and significantly fewer Diamonds and Gold Partner Stones. These rewards reset for every bracket match.


If you want to get a significant boost in CP, you want to do your best to claim all the personal points rewards and choose the winning partner. For that, you might want to wait a couple of hours before starting to support a partner.

Additionally, you might want to save up some event items and donate only enough to keep yourself in the rank that you want (first preferably). Don’t donate everything you got right away if you’re behind, because you’ll have a new chance to reach the top in another bracket. So, keep your focus on your Points Rewards and try to get on the winning side whenever possible.

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