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Illusion Connect: How to Get More Diamonds | Tips and Cheats

Illusion Connect: How to Get More Diamonds | Tips and Cheats
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When you’re a f2p player in Illusion Connect, you definitely want to get more Diamonds quickly by any means necessary – I’ve been there and done that. So, I have created this guide to help you find all the ways to get free Diamonds in Illusion Connect.

Illusion Connect Diamonds – What They Are and How to Use them

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game and there are several ways that you can use them. One of the best ways you could use your Diamonds is for summoning new units (1 Summon Ticket is 200 Diamonds and 1 Selected Summon Ticket is 400 Diamonds).

Of course, there are many other uses for your Diamonds – and since they’re such a versatile currency, let’s take a look at all the ways to get Free Diamonds in Illusion Connect.

#1. Complete Normal Dreams and Collapsed Dreams

Every stage of the story has a reward of 15 Diamonds if you complete it with all the bonus objectives. Some stages can even give extra Diamonds (like the ones which are solely cutscenes, with no battle).

Additionally, you can sometimes claim more Diamonds as rewards from the overall stars collected per stage.

#2. Add a new partner to the Album

Whenever you summon a new unit that you don’t already own, you will receive a box that lets you claim additional Diamonds. The rewards are as follows:

– New SSR Unit: 150 Diamonds
– New SR Unit: 100 Diamonds
– New R Unit: 60 Diamonds

#3. Arena rewards

The Dream Arena has three milestone boxes that give you rewards whenever you have defeated a number of enemies. The first box can be obtained by defeating 3 enemies, and it has 10 Diamonds inside. The second box can be claimed once you kill 6 enemies and gives no Diamonds, and the third one gives 20 Diamonds after you killed all enemies.

Additionally, you can claim Rank rewards. Each time you rank up you will receive a number of Diamonds, up to 500 Diamonds (for King rank). At the end of the season, you will receive rewards (including Diamonds) based on your rank.

#4. Complete Achievements

After you unlock the Achievements, you can start completing various tasks in order to claim Diamonds and other rewards. If you want to focus solely on Diamonds, however, you can scroll through all the achievements and focus on the ones that give only the reward you want.

#5. Limited time events

Limited events are a way for both premium and f2p players alike to earn a lot of new rewards. These events last for a limited time only, but there will always be at least one running at any point (at least I suppose so). At the moment, the event that’s running is the Great Fortune event.

#6. Claim daily, weekly and monthly Packs

Open the Shop and head on to the Regular Supplies tab. There you will have three tabs: Daily Pack (20 Diamonds), Weekly Pack (60 Diamonds) and Monthly Pack (60 Diamonds). Go through every one of them and claim the free Diamond pack whenever it’s available. As the name suggests, the Daily Pack can be claimed every day, the Weekly Pack can be claimed every week, and the Monthly Pack can be claimed every month.

If you want to know when you can claim the next Weekly/Monthly Pack, check at the very top of the screen (above the girl). You’ll see a countdown that reads “Next Refresh: X days”.

#7. Daily Quests & Weekly Rewards

Every single day you’ll have a list of Daily Quests that you can claim for completing various activities within the game. These daily quests have 5 milestones, and you can get Diamonds at milestone 3 (30 Diamonds), milestone 4 (50 Diamonds) and milestone 5 (60 Diamonds).

These quests reset every day, so make sure you always claim the rewards before the reset (at 5:00 AM game time).

As for the Weekly Reward, you can get a lot of diamonds for simply completing all of your daily rewards. You need a total of 1200 Weekly Activeness to claim all three rewards, so that means you can only skip on a maximum of 2 days of daily quests to claim all weekly rewards.

#8. Questionnaire

In the Perks menu, you will be able to find a Questionnaire. Complete it to claim a number of free rewards and Diamonds.

#9. Anna’s Gifts

You can find Anna’s Gifts also in the Perks menu, and they reward you with Diamonds and other goods whenever you fully complete a stage. The more stages you complete, the better these rewards get. Also, if you got a SVIP you can claim even more Diamonds.

#10. Daily Login Rewards

If you log in for 8 days you will get a number of amazing rewards, including Miyuki, a very good SSR unit. From these daily rewards you can also obtain a lot of Diamonds:

– Day 1: 400 Diamonds
– Day 3: 1888 Diamonds
– Day 7: 1200 Diamonds

#11. Daily Sign-in Rewards

These rewards are not the same as the daily login rewards. To Sign in, tap on your Profile icon in the top left corner of the screen and select the Sign in button. It will give you a reward every consecutive day you log in. If you skip a day, you will have to start over.

#12. Complete Nightmare Lab Practice

The Nightmare Lab is a super easy dungeon that takes you through some basic game features (teaches you how to deploy units in a certain way). You can only claim the rewards for this in just a few minutes, and claim a total of 60 Diamonds (and other goods) upon completion.

#13. Exploration

You can complete a maximum of 20 Explorations every day, but they eat up quite a lot of Energy (30 Energy/try). In there you can claim a ton of rewards, such as gear, gift boxes, summon tickets and Diamonds.

Additionally, when you complete the Exploration Quests, you can claim even more Diamonds (880 Diamonds for completing all 100 quests).

#14. Claim Dream News rewards

Underneath your leader’s info, you will see a tab that reads News. That’s not actual news, but more like server-wide rankings. You can claim rewards whenever players reach some milestones, which can result in quite a lot of Diamonds!

#15. Join a guild and complete Guild Crusade

Some of the rewards that you can claim from Guild Crusade are Diamonds. Players have to defeat the bosses as they come, and each boss carries a specific reward. It could be a chest, Gold, or Diamonds.

#16. Wings of Growth quest

This is a quest that’s available for everybody who starts the game. It’s the one which gives you Saya shards and other rewards. You can claim Diamonds from this as well.

#17. Increase intimacy with the partners

When you open the Album you will see (almost) all the partners you’ve collected. When you offer them gifts, your intimacy with them will increase, resulting in better stats for your leader and allies. However, you will also receive rewards for getting certain milestones with the partners.

You can claim this by tapping on the icon in the left side, for each of the factions (Muscipula, SEED, Phoenix, and so on).

#18. Codes, codes, codes

Let’s not forget one feature that all of us love: the redeem codes. I wrote a complete and updated list of codes, which will help you get a ton of items in-game, including Diamonds and Summon Tickets.

Did I miss any ways to collect Diamonds? Let me know by leaving a comment down in the section below!

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