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Illusion Connect Exploration Guide: Sanzu Bridge

Illusion Connect Exploration Guide: Sanzu Bridge

Below I’ll give you all the pointers to successfully complete the Exploration: Sanzu Bridge in Illusion Connect. This instance is the second in the Road to Yomi Exploration saga, and it’s by far one of my favorites (because the unique boss encounter, later on, is quite challenging!).

So, without further ado, here is how to can complete the Illusion Connect Exploration Sanzu Bridge! I’ll start with the Public Quests, which are general for all of the Road to Yomi maps. If you want to skip over these, click here.

Public Quests

  • Pick up gold (100)

This is fairly simple – you have to pick up Gold from the Road to Yomi region, 100 times.

  • Pick up Crystals (100)

Similarly, you have to pick up a total of 100 Crystals from any and all of the regions in Road to Yomi.

  • Open a chest (10)

In each map you will find 2 chests that can appear pretty much anywhere. Open a total of 10 chests from any of the regions in Exploration Road to Yomi.

  • Defeat any Nightmare Monster (50)

Kill a total of 50 monsters in any of the maps (in Road to Yomi).

  • Attain the protection of Jizo (5)

You need to talk to the Statue of Jizo a total of 5 times and get any of the buffs (usually the ATK is the best).

  • Get the power of the Soul Jade (30)

The smaller white and purple crystals on the ground are the Soul Jades. They give you some buffs, and there can be 3-4 in each map. You need to collect a total of 30 of them.

Sanzu Bridge

  • Defeat Yume at Sanzu Bridge (1)

This is the last boss in the map. Kill her once to fulfill the quest.

  • Get all books that record magic (4)

These books can be quite difficult to get. They could be “hidden” in bushes or in corners where you can only spot a corner of them. One of these books is tougher to get, so you’ll have to re-do the quest until you find it, since they spawn randomly.

(I misplaced the screenshot of the yellow book, so here are the remaining three)
  • Answer Demon Blade’s question Correctly (1)

The correct answer is “A swordsmith“.

  • Help the Lost Netsuko (3)

The girl can appear randomly from the chest on the left side (image 1). When she appears (image 2), you can talk to her, and select the option “Who is your brother?”, then “Sure.”. She will then join your party and you will guide her to her brother (image 3), who is on the left side of Mouba (the witch on the broom).

  • Try Mouba Soup (3)

You’ll have to mix three types of soup from Mouba. Some of them will be good, others… quite disgusting. There is no secret answer (at least, none that I know of) – most often, if you try the soups as they are without adding ingredients they will give you 2x Gift Box S. Repeat this three times.

  • Eat Monster’s Rice Ball (5)

There are three main Rice Ball Monsters: the red one is the best one, so even after finishing the quest, keep eating it because it gives extra rewards. The other two are quite bad, and could even give debuffs.

  • Open the chest in the array (1)

To open the chest, you’ll need to collect the three Matagama: Red, Yellow, and Green. They appear at random coordinates throughout the map. Once you collected them, place them in the seal as such:

  • Defeat the sealed Basara (1)

You will need to collect all three Matagama once more and place them like in the image below:

Note: the boss can be quite strong, so use your main team for this!

Stay tuned for more Illusion Connect Exploration guides! I usually solve them within a day (or less) of their release – so next time a new Exploration is released, I’ll post a guide ASAP! In the meantime, you can take a look at all the other Illusion Connect guides I’ve created.

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Illusion Connect Exploration Guide: Sanzu Bridge


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