Illusion Connect: Cooperative Engagement Event Guide


The latest event in Illusion Connect is Cooperative Engagement, and it’s quite a unique one if I may say so. And just like for many other events in the past, I am here to shed some light on it and break it down, so you can get a better understanding of how it works.

I’ll start off by saying that although the Cooperative Engagement event is marketed as a co-op event, in reality it’s the total opposite. If you want the best rewards, you should try do finish it on your own, because otherwise you might not get the goodies. That’s right, the word cooperative is not exactly on point.

Thus being said, let’s dive into the Illusion Connect Cooperative Engagement Event guide!

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Event period
Basic mechanics
What units to use/Recommended lineup
Boss HP per stage
How to spawn the boss
Co-op: yay or nay?
Event rewards
Adding extra boss tries: is it worth it?
Other tips

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Event Period

The Cooperative Engagement #1 event begins on January 9th and it lasts for a week, until January 16th. (finished now)

The Cooperative Engagement #2 event begins on January 25th and it lasts for a week, until February 1st. (currently running)

Illusion Connect: Cooperative Engagement Event breakdown

Basic mechanics:

In this event, players will be able to challenge Fenebeth in a guild boss background (not for the actual guild boss, it’s just the backdrop from the guild boss battle), and the mechanics are pretty similar.

It’s one boss, that you can attack using all of your units, and who will fight back using her skills (depending on the boss).

– The goal is to fight the boss within 1:20 (1 minute 20 seconds) and try to deal as much damage as you can.

– If you won’t succeed at killing her within the given time, you can add a friend/guild mate to help you out, or try again by yourself. I would suggest the latter, and you’ll see why.

– The boss will get increasingly stronger, the more you encounter her, up to lvl 70.

– If you do invite a friend to help you out, you will both get Coins, no matter if only one of you deals damage to the boss. However, to actually just join the lobby for the boss, you need to use one boss try attempt.

– Every day you will get back 5 free tries, and you progress will not reset.

The Game’s Recommended lineup:

The game recommends that you use Yume, Anna, The Enforcers, Nicola and Miyuki, because they will deal extra DMG. However, I would suggest that you use your strongest party, since I doubt anyone has a maxed Yume/Enforcers at this point in the game.

Recommended party setup:

Leader: The Nightmare Hunter Leader is a great choice in terms of Leader, alongside other powerful single-target assassins.

Must-have units: Miyuki, Nicola

Why Miyuki?
– If you have Miyuki, you will be able to constantly drain The Boss’ Rage, which means even at the later stages of the game she won’t be able to cast her skill and kill your units.

Why Nicola?
– If you deploy Nicola, she will decrease The Boss’ DMG Res Rate, and that’s a very easy way to kill her faster. Deploy Nicola first, so all the units that you put after her will deal more damage.

Nightmare Hunter Leader + Hersey / Maki / Gigi (if you got her maxed out) / Miyuki / Nicola / Kasumi / Hachi Shiki / Pan – basically you want a party that has crazy single target damage, and an additional Nicola (for the DMG RES Reduction debuff) and Miyuki to constantly decrease the boss’ Rage.

Thanks to Alex5ch for the image!

I guess the team should look something like this – I don’t have Kasumi (or even upgraded Attackers) so if you do, feel free to replace Gigi with her, and Hachi with Rie.

  • Hachi is great if you got her maxed, but she was only available in the first BattlePass. Rie is a great replacement because she will buff the Sorcerers and her cost is fairly low. Also, Mary is a good choice. You probably won’t deploy them, but they’re there for the cost reduction and Sorc buff.
  • Kasumi is a great unit, so replace Gigi with her if you got her.

This is my lineup, and it works great for clearing all the stages. However, in the higher lvl stages, I need to challenge her twice, since she’s got a lot of HP.

Boss HP & Coins per stage:

I believe the level of the Fenebeth you will encounter is random, and the maximum one is level 60. Here are the levels me and my friends have encountered so far. Feel free to comment down below if you encounter her at a different level, so I can complete the list!

Event #1 – Fenebeth:

  • Lvl 1 Fenebeth: 200,000 HP (25 Coins Slain Rewards + 15 for Host)
  • Lvl 16 Fenebeth: 920,000 HP (215 Coins Slain Rewards + 130 for Host)
  • Lvl 26 Fenebeth: 1,400,000 HP (?? Coins Slain Rewards + ?? for Host)
  • Lvl 31 Fenebeth: 1,664,000 HP (400 Coins Slain Rewards + 240 for Host)
  • Lvl 36 Fenebeth: 1,988,000 HP (465 Coins Slain Rewards + 280 for Host)
  • Lvl 41 Fenebeth: 2,422,400 HP (525 Coins Slain Rewards + 315 for Host)
  • Lvl 49 Fenebeth: 3,824,000 HP (625 Coins Slain Rewards + 375 for Host)
  • Lvl 57 Fenebeth: 8,199,200 HP (725 Coins Slain Rewards + 435 for Host)
  • Lvl 60 Fenebeth: 9,999,200 HP (1000 Coins Slain Rewards + 600 for Host)

(Thanks to rvm1975 and baselikon for some of the info)

Event #2 – Rotania:

It seems like they’ve finally changed the rewards, so the host can get the better rewards now – it’s finally worth it to share the boss with others as a host. (without feeling ripped off)

  • Lvl 1 Rotania: 340,000 HP (2 Coins Slain Rewards + 20 for Host)
  • Lvl 16 Rotania: 1,564,000 HP (46 Coins Slain Rewards + 170 for Host)
  • Lvl 31 Rotania: 2,828,800 HP (81 Coins Slain Rewards + 320 for Host)
  • Lvl 41 Rotania: 4,118,080 HP (106 Coins Slain Rewards + 420 for Host)
  • Lvl 51 Rotania: 7,818,640 HP (131 Coins Slain Rewards + 520 for Host)
  • Lvl 59 Rotania: 15,978,640 HP (150 Coins Slain Rewards + 600 for Host)
  • Lvl 67 Rotania: 24,138,640 HP (174 Coins Slain Rewards + 680 for Host)
  • Lvl 68 Rotania: 25,158,640 HP (184 Coins Slain Rewards + 690 for Host)
  • Lvl 69 Rotania: 26,178,640 HP (?? Coins Slain Rewards + ?? for Host)
  • Lvl 70 Rotania: 27.198.640 HP (225 Coins Slain Rewards + 675 for Host)

How to spawn the boss

Encountering the boss is random – you can spawn her during any instance that requires stamina:

  • By doing Daily Trials (Roof Training, Bounty Mission, Witch Operation)
  • By completing Exploration
  • By completing Normal Dream stages
  • By completing Collapsed Dram stages
  • By Raiding any of the levels

Co-op: yay or nay?

With the rewards being changed now (host gets the better rewards) it’s finally more rewarding to share the boss with others and ask for help. This will definitely feel more of a co-op event rather than a single-player event.

Event rewards

The rewards for this event go hand in hand with the Perks -> Engagement Redemption rewards. But, not all of them are worth it. I’ve broken down the most important ones that you should redeem, in order:

Selected Ticket x3: 1800 Engagement Coins (600/unit)
Summon Tickets x10: 3000 Engagement Coins (300/unit)
Soul Inscription of Bright Moon x1: 4500 Engagement Coins
100 Lost Mirror x50: 25000 Engagement Coins (500/unit)

The rest you can get as you please, but try to focus on these first.

Other rewards include random champion shards, as well as partner Shards.

Adding extra boss tries

After the first 10 (free) tries, you will receive 5 free tries per day, but you can buy more using Diamonds if you run out. I would suggest getting more only if you try to complete all the fights alone and only buy as many as you need (don’t buy ahead of time, because you might not use them at all, and that results in wasted Diamonds).

First 2 buys: 50 Diamonds/buy
Buys 3&4: 100 Diamonds/buy
Buys 5&6: 150 Diamonds/buy
Buys 7&8: 200 Diamonds/buy
Buys 9&10: 250 Diamonds/buy

Is it worth buying tries?
It’s definitely worth spending your Diamonds on extra tries. You want to kill the boss on your own (whenever possible), so you could look at it as an investment. As for buying all the tries ahead of time, don’t do it! – you only want to add tries only when you need them, so don’t buy ahead of time!

Other tips:

– Try to use all your daily Stamina on trying to challenge as many Fenebeths during the day. It’s definitely worth it.
– Do not buy extra attempts with Diamonds ahead of time – you might not need them.
– You should try to challenge the boss solo because that way you’ll benefit from all the rewards.
– Going with alts won’t make a huge difference, because chances are your alts won’t encounter only low lvl Fenebeths for start, which won’t give you anywhere near decent rewards.
– You should always try to deploy your strongest units, without fearing that they’ll get Fatigued or so. Do your best to kill the boss on the first try!
– The 4500 Coins item will be used sometime in the future for forging a UR item. At this point in time, I don’t know what that UR item’s effects will be.

These tips would conclude my Illusion Connect Cooperative Engagement guide! Is there anything else you’d like me to cover about the game? Leave your comments down below!

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Illusion Connect: Cooperative Engagement Event Guide


  1. Fantastic guide!! Was searching the internet for a detailed guide regarding this event and found this gem. Hopefully getting the Soul Inscription of Bright Moon was worth it!

    • The Soul Inscription will be used for UR gear… Sadly I have no idea how that UR gear will look just yet. I know it costs a lot (2mil gold + 4 SSR equipment pieces to activate it). However, it will come at 3* instead of 0, so that’s something :D


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