Idle World by Homa Games Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Welcome to Idle World, the only idle clicker game that lets you create life on Earth as you see fit. Starting with a barren planet, you will add water, fertile soil, plants, and eventually human life as you bring the planet into a thriving environment. Our Idle World cheats and tips will show you how to get a good start in creating the Earth and also how to manage your energy resources.

Idle World is a little more involved than your standard idle game, although only early on. We will go over with what you need to pay attention to in our Idle World cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Check back often to collect your energy!

Your planet will generate energy as you are away from the game, but be warned: there is a cap on the amount of energy you generate this way. Starting out, you can only generate energy up to 30 minutes worth of offline time. You will need to check in after 30 minutes have passed to collect your energy and to reset the offline timer. Be sure to check back often!

Once you start earning substantial amounts of energy, you can upgrade the amount of energy you make offline and extend your offline time cap. These processes cost a LOT of energy though, so make sure you have enough.

Keep an eye out for free time travels!

The Time Travel button at the top right corner lets you perform time travels, which basically fast forwards time. Your current energy generation is immediately multiplied, so you get a ton of energy in a short amount of time.

Normally, you need to pay gems for watch an advertisement to time travel, but every so often you will see a UFO fly across your planet. If you can tap it in time, you will earn a free time travel! It is a little less than 100 seconds, but hey, it is free!

Buy the pre-requisites!

In order to keep developing your planet, you will need to buy the advanced creation and preservation options. To unlock those options, you will need to buy all of the pre-requisties first.

For example, in order to add micro organisms to your planet, you will need 200 silt, 100 sand, and finally 50 clay. All of these options can be found in the preservation tab of the planet.

Get the energy boosts after you have a good planet!

In addition to the offline upgrades, there are upgrades that increase the amount of energy that certain parts of your planet produce. For example, there are upgrades that increase the amount of energy you get from the amount of water you have on the planet.

You do not have to buy these right away, but you should after you have developed your planet a bit. You will notice a significant boost in your energy generation if you have invested in the corresponding planet item!

Take a spin on the Lucky Wheel!

If you watch a short advertisement, you can spin the Lucky Wheel. You can get a variety of prizes from this thing, ranging from 1000-second time travels, a couple minutes of 2x energy generation, and so forth.

We do not recommend using your gems as you are going to need those for some important upgrades, but the Lucky Wheel can really speed up your planet production if you are willing to deal with the advertisements.

That’s all for Idle World! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle World by Homa Games Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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