Idle Tap Airport Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Airports

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Idle Tap Airport tips and cheats to help you build the best airports in the game and to make a lot of money in the process!

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Much like many other idle games out there, Idle Tap Airport will progress quite slowly at start, but once you start watching several ads to speed up the process you will quickly pick up the pace and all that you will have to worry about will be the best upgrades to make and how to spend all that money.

But that won’t let you easily forget that this game is all about watching tons of ads to progress even a little bit! So if you are not into that very much, then I am sorry to break to you, but you’ll be in for a tough ride otherwise! So buckle in because pretty much every feature will need you to watch an advertisement, so get ready for that! (just a friendly warning)

So without further ado, let’s not waste another second and dive right into our Tap Idle Airport tips and tricks right here below and everything that you need to know from our game guide!

Know what your goal is

You will be starting on the New York Airport, and that means that your earnings will not have any multiplier, like they would in the Paris Airport (where the earnings are x5) or Cape Town Airport (where the earnings are x10).

Your main goal would be to level up your New York Airport ASAP so that you can sell it and move on to the next one, where you will start finally make some considerable profits, and not just watch ads like a lunatic.

So basically on the right side of the screen you can see an icon with a globe on it. Tap on that and you can see the requirements for unlocking the next airport. Keep those in mind because once you can unlock the Paris Airport, you should move on right away without a second thought. The same will go for Cape Town Airport – unlock it right away when it’s possible because the earnings are x10!

My tip here: Keep in mind that you will most likely unlock Cape Town within just a few minutes from when you start playing, if you are watching ads and making upgrades like mad. So don’t stress too much over the other airports because you will move away quickly.

Level up whenever your level meter is filled

In order to unlock more features in the airport, such as more destinations, the luggage claim area and Passport control area, you will have to level up a little bit. In the top right corner of the screen you can see your level meter, and whenever it is full you can level up by tapping on the green Level Up button.

Don’t miss leveling up because it will make quite a big difference, because with each level that you level up you will be able to unlock new destinations, more planes, more security check desks and so on. So by all means make sure that you level up whenever you have the option available.

Watch an ad to triple your level up earnings: This option is out there too, so whenever you level up you have the option to watch an advertisement and earn 3x the reward that you would normally get from leveling up.

Always have x2 earnings activated

This option is one that I would really suggest watching ads for, as it is super useful and it will stay active for 20 minutes at a time once activated properly. To benefit from this boost, you will see on the left side of the screen a yellow icon which will let you watch an ad to double your income for 5 minutes.

Watch an ad to activate this and once you are finished with that ad, another option will appear to watch an advertisement and activate the 2x earnings for 15 more minutes! That is super useful because you will have a total of 20 minutes of double earnings at a time, so you won’t have to worry about activating this again for 20 minutes and you’ll see a difference in your earnings.

Upgrade your Security Check

This is one of the most annoying yet super essential things that you need to upgrade, because here is where all the customers will go to firstly and this queue is also the most time consuming ones, as it takes the longest by default.

You can unlock a second Security Check at level 8, and the third one at level 20. These are super important, but you should also make sure that you make several upgrades to this, whenever you have the money, because it will make for a pretty big difference – trust me.

Your Security Check will take by default 9 seconds, so you can imagine that it’s quite a long time to wait. So go ahead and level up the Queue Speed in the Security Check ASAP! You can then work on leveling up the Queue Size, but just put Queue Speed first!

Upgrade the Destinations

The Destinations will come second after the Security Check, because they can dictate as well the pace of the entire Airport, so you will need to make sure that you have plenty of destinations, because the more destinations you have, the faster a new plane will come back!

So basically the people who wait in line there are all waiting for one plane – any plane! To just take them out of that queue. Keep in mind that there are quite a lot of destinations in the world, and you can unlock a lot of them in the game!

Upgrade the destinations’ ticket price: This is a major upgrade because it will go hand in hand with the Planes (Planes affect the number of seats on a jet) and the higher the price, the more income you will make! So make sure that you always upgrade the last city destination that you unlocked firstly!

Upgrade the Planes

The Planes will unlock every several levels, but those can dictate how many passengers you can take on each jet. Make sure that you upgrade the number of Seats on the Planes, and also unlock new Planes whenever it is available because it will make the whole airport traffic much more fluid and you will see quite a big difference.

Upgrade the Passport Control

The Passport Control as well as the Baggage Claim area will become available once you have leveled up to level 5! So before that, you will not really have access to it – therefore, go ahead and level up a bit!

Once you unlocked the Passport Control you can then make various upgrades to this booth. You can unlock 3 booths in total, so whenever there is a new one available make sure that you unlock it! Also, make sure that you add a few points in Queue Size here, as that is super important as well!

Firstly upgrade the Queue Speed to be like 4.2-4.0 seconds long, then you can start working on the Queue Size to make it about 7-8 people long. This will not cost a lot and will let you shift your attention towards that Security Check once more.

Upgrade the Baggage Claim area

This area is also important, but if you’ve saved up a few thousand dollars you can make plenty of upgrades here from the very beginning and not worry about anything else afterwards, only when you have some extra money that you want to spend.

The ideal Baggage Claim area for start: At the very beginning, just make sure that you make this have like 6-7 bags, which will not cost a fortune to upgrade it to, and then you can level up the Bag Speed to like level 10. That will be enough at least until you make several upgrades to the other features.

The right order to upgrades things in:

In my opinion the right order to make all of the upgrades in would be this:

– Security Check -> Destinations -> Planes -> Passport -> Baggage

Watch ads to make express lines for stuff

Sometimes there will be various golden icons flying across your screen asking to be tapped! Those will give you various express lines in exchange for watching advertisements to unlock each one of them.

If you are not against watching ads to make upgrades, then make sure that you tap on these and start watching ads, because those will make your airport run super smoothly for a short period of time, which will give you a ton of money in return, as well as super happy passengers!

This is, however, for those people who are not against watching ads to make quick progress!

And in conclusion, these would be all of our Idle Tap Airport tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful Idle Airport tips and tricks that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Idle Tap Airport Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Airports

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