Idle Super Factory is a new idle/incremental game where you are the boss of a new kind of factory! Hire managers, construct processors and machines to ensure the goods get through, and watch your factory thrive! We’ve got some helpful tips for you in our Idle Super Factory tips, cheats, and more strategy guide!

Keep Activating Manager Skills

When you assign a manager to a machine, a button will appear next to them. You can tap on this button to activate that manager’s skill, which will boost your factory’s efficiency temporarily. The game has an easy and convenient way to do this by tapping the manager button at the bottom of the screen. This window will show the status of all your managers, and there’s a handy dandy “Use all manager skills” button at the bottom. This is useful especially when your factory has grown substantially.

Manager skills are the way to get lots of yellow money early on, but this also means that you’ll have to be playing the game actively. We recommend just leaving it open and plugging your device in so that you can use your skills as soon as possible.

Watch for Bottlenecks

Efficiency is the name of the game in factories, and this factory is no different. Be on the lookout for “bottlenecks,” or areas of your factory that are holding up other areas from operating at efficient speeds.

Are your machines getting filled to the brim? It might be time to upgrade your processor further, and vice versa for the reverse scenario. Are the managers not working up to par? Try switching them around and see if you can get them to work efficiently. Ensuring that your factory is working up to snuff is the key to victory in this game!

Spending Super Cash Wisely

Super cash is the premium currency of Idle Super Factory, and you get a lot of it early on as you progress through the game. However, like most gacha games, the amount of free super cash you get slows down as you factory grows. Spending your super cash wisely early on can help you progress your factory faster in the later stages.

So, what exactly should you spend your super cash on? There are two main things to spend super cash on: super managers and skins. Super managers and skins. Super managers have special abilities that can make a single machine work more efficiently, and skins affect all types of that same machine.

Because skins affect all types of a single machine, it’s more efficient to use your super cash to get more skins. Skins can also be upgraded if you get duplicates, making them even better. You can buy the chests in the shop with super cash to get a random assortment of skins.

Once you get a good skin for your machines and processor, then you can start drawing from the manager gacha for super managers.

Complete Quests

Aside from the listed tips above, Idle Super Factory is a pretty hands off game. Activate your skills, make sure there are no bottlenecks, then you pretty much just watch your factory go. There are quests at the top right corner of the screen, and those will lead you down the general progression route, not that there is much room for deviation.

Once you completely fill out your factory, you’ll be able to move onto the next factory where you essentially start from scratch. The process repeats and soon enough you’ll have factories all over the world!

That concludes our guide on Idle Super Factory. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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