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Idle Streamer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Gain More Viewers

Idle Streamer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Gain More Viewers
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Your rise to fame as a game streamer starts now in Idle Streamer, a new idle game where you play all sorts of games in order to rise to the top of the popularity chain. Start small in a humble little room with decent equipment, but grow your community with enough stream time. Use that revenue to get new equipment, more games, and build your follow base!

In our Idle Streamer tips and tricks guide, we will explain to you all of the different ways to build your community, from equipment, room decoration, and bonuses. With enough time, you will gain lots of new subscribers, so let’s get started with our Idle Streamer cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to gain more viewers!

Upgrading Equipment

To be a good streamer, you need the equipment. Tapping the monitor with the cog inside of it will bring you to the equipment list. Here, you can upgrade all of your PC gear from the PC itself to the mouse and keyboard.

Every time you upgrade a piece of equipment, you will gain a boost to both taps and passive income. Since each equipment follows the same pricing model – meaning that every piece of equipment will cost the same exact upgrade amount – you should try to upgrade everything evenly.

However, in order to unlock new equipment, you have to pay a higher fee. As you unlock stuff going down the list, things will get more expensive, but once they are unlocked the upgrade prices remain the same as the other equipment.

So, in general you should just try to keep everything evenly upgraded since they give the same boosts and cost the same amount of coins.

Get Better at Gaming with Skills

The second tab – the controller icon – is a list of your gaming skills. There are six game genres that you will stream to the world: MOBA games, shooters, simulations, racing games, sports games, and strategy games.

There is not really a way to set a preference to which genre you want to play the most, so to work around this we just upgrade all of them evenly. Each upgrade into a genre will increase the tap and passive boost by 5%, and if you upgrade them all evenly you will ensure that you are always earning lots of coins.

Improvements are OK to Skip

The final upgrade category are improvements, and these are physical furnishings for your room. These are quite expensive and can only be bought once, but each improvement grants 5% more coins per tap.

Because they only affect taps and not passive income, we only recommend buying improvements if you prefer actively playing the game and not idling by, due to their expensive nature and temporary state.

Oh, did we mention that improvements are room-specific? If you move into a new living space (which you will do as soon as you can), you will lose the bonuses from those improvements since they stay behind with the room. This is another reason that you do not need to worry about them too much.

Move into a New Room ASAP

If you tap on the location icon at the top left, you will be brought to the locations menu. These are basically your living spaces, and you start off in a small garage. When you level up enough, you will be eligible to move into a new place.

Make the move as soon as you are able to. Higher level places grant a passive income boost to everything you do, making earning coins a lot easier.

Your equipment and skills carry over from place to place, so you do not have to worry about those. The only thing that does not carry over are the improvements, which are not that big of a loss.

Respond Politely to your Followers

If you tap on the person icon at the top right corner of the screen, you will see your character traits. There are three traits: friendliness, charisma, and aggression.

These traits determine how many coins you will earn whenever you receive a donation. Friendliness and charisma increase the amount of coins, while aggression lowers it.

You will need to respond to random chat questions to increase these stats. Every now and then, a little dialogue box will pop up with one of your viewers asking you a question. You are given three responses, and you must choose the one that sounds the nicest.

One response will get you friendliness, while the other will give you both friendliness and charisma. One of them will give you aggression, and it is pretty easy to tell which one of the responses will give you this.

Try to be knowledgeable and polite whenever you respond. For example, one question you may receive early on is a viewer asking what kind of music you enjoy listening to. The responses are:

  1. Oh no, not an interesting question.
  2. Hey! Depends on the mood, and generally I can listen to different music.
  3. Hi, I listen to different music.

The first one will obviously give you aggression points because it is dismissive and rude. The third one will net you friendliness because you gave a nice answer, but it was not very thorough.

The second answer is the best and will net you both friendliness and charisma because it is a nice and detailed response.

Gain Sponsors for Big Money (with ads)

As you gain more and more viewers, you will eventually start to catch the eye of sponsors. If a sponsor reaches out to you, you will see a timed pop up for a commercial offer appear somewhere on the screen.

Tapping on it will bring you to the sponsorship, but you will need to watch an advertisement to activate it. If you have the time, activating sponsors is a great way to earn a huge amount of coins on the spot.

Though, we know advertisements can be annoying and these are not required in order to progress through the game at a decent rate. You can get by with just a lot of viewers and subscribers, just keep upgrading your equipment and skills.

Host a Stream Event (more ads)

There is only one kind of temporary boost you can activate in Idle Streamer, and that is the Stream Event. You will get one for free every day, and you can activate it by tapping the yellow star at the top right corner of the screen.

Stream events will double your viewer gain and coin income for three minutes. During this time, we recommend playing actively and tapping the screen as fast as you can in order to truly take advantage of the double coin income.

When the event is over, income and viewers will go back down to normal, but you can activate the event again if you watch an advertisement. You can simply wait for the next day to get a new one, or if you want the boosts now you can watch the ad.

And with that, you should know all you need to know to gain lots and lots of viewers and subscribers! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Streamer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Gain More Viewers


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