Idle Prison Tycoon Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Keep on Mining

Idle Prison Tycoon is an extremely charming new idle clicker game for Android where you put to work tons of prisoners who become gold diggers. And we’re here to help you make the most out of it by sharing a bunch of Idle Prison Tycoon tips and cheats in our complete strategy guide.

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Extremely fast paced, fun and funny, Idle Prison Tycoon will definitely get you hooked the instant you start playing it. And even though things are pretty much obvious – as they are in all idle games out there – we still believe that some extra help won’t hurt. And that’s why we’re here today!

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below some Idle Prison Tycoon tips and tricks to help you unlock more guardians, defeat all waves of monsters and much more!

Upgrade from the bottom to the top
The lower mining cells will produce more coins and are more valuable overall. This is why you should always start upgrading from the bottom upwards. This ensures that you optimize money spending on the highest, most profitable cells.

Upgrade to reach the milestones
When you reach certain level milestones in the game – like level 25, 50, 100 and so on, you get a massive boost for that particular cell: either a speed bonus or a massive boost to income generated by that particular cell. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always upgrade having these milestones in mind.

In some occasions, reaching a milestone with a higher cell will result in it producing more money than the one right below it so use your common sense and knowledge when upgrading since in this particular case, the first tip does not apply.

This rarely happens – but you can easily know if it will by simply looking at the level upgrades. If a higher cell is at level 190 and the one below it is at 150, you will most likely get more benefits by upgrading the one above first. But apart from these particular situations, follow tip #1.

Watch ads for boosts
There are multiple opportunities to watch ads in order to increase your revenue or get some sort of a boost in the game. These are not annoying and not really pushed at us forcibly as other games do, so I really recommend taking advantage of them.

You can start by unlocking the Boosts from the bottom of the screen and watch three ads in order to unlock them all. Then keep an eye on the flying bird with a gift box as it sometimes has a nice offer as well. You can also watch ads to reduce the waiting time until you get a new guardian – and again it’s your choice if you want to do this or not.

But another moment when I believe it’s best to watch an advertisement is after spending some time away from the game. This will triple your offline revenue and generally give you a really massive boost that will really drive your levels to the sky. Or to the core of the earth, actually…

Place your guards at the bottom to defeat monsters
Guards are not there just to keep your prisoners working constantly and give them happiness boosts. They are also there to fight monsters whenever you decide to summon them.

Therefore, the smartest way to deal with the invasions is to keep your guards on the lowest cells. When monsters reach them, they will start fighting, giving you valuable time to tap the screen and deal with them quickly.

If you don’t manage to defeat a monster in a cell, they climb up one level, leaving the previous cell in ruin and negating any happiness bonus you might have gathered. This is why it’s good idea to fill up the happiness meter and activate it in the lower levels before summoning the monsters, especially if you’re expecting a tough battle.

Also, when placing your guards, have in mind that they will only deliver the happiness boost to cells that have a lower star level than their star level. So if you have a 3-star cell and a 2-star guardian, he will not give you any happiness boost (but will still fight monsters and keep your workers awake).

Grant requests & boost income
Prisoners have needs too and you have to show them some love in order to keep them happy. This means that you should constantly tap the icons appearing above their heads. This not only gives you a bit of extra money, but also builds up the happiness meter which, when filled, will allow you to activate it and get a massive boost of income for a short while.

Release those prisoners!
When things get difficult – both when it comes to defeating the incoming monsters, but especially when it comes to upgrading the levels of your cells, it’s probably time to release the prisoners, grab some special coins and start over with some additional boosts.

When you start over, your progress resets, but you get to keep all guardians that you have unlocked and they also keep their current level. But you get the chance to put the tokens you have earned to some good use and boost various elements in the game.

Some are more important than the other, in my opinion and although in the end they are all extremely useful, you should focus on getting the boosts that directly influence your game the most. So I recommend getting the city upgrades after resetting in this particular order: Online Production, Upgrade Discount, Manager Damage and HP (this refers to the guardians and their ability to fight monsters), then the offline boosts.

The Prisoner Release boost is really useful too since it increases the amount of tokens you receive, but it’s also extremely expensive, so you shouldn’t wait to get enough tokens to unlock it first and instead work on the others that give you immediate bonuses and boosts.

These would be our Idle Prison Tycoon tips and tricks. If you have additional advice for fellow players of the game, share it with them (and us) in the comment section below.

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Idle Prison Tycoon Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Keep on Mining

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