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Idle Port Tycoon Guide: Tips to Build a Great Port

Idle Port Tycoon Guide: Tips to Build a Great Port
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In our article today we are going to check out all of the Idle Port Tycoon tips and cheats to help you build the best port there ever was in a game!

With a very relaxing atmosphere, this idle game is really a good way to kick back and enjoy a calming atmosphere. And if that is not for you, then maybe the thrill of building is what you are actually looking for! Well no matter what your choice is, the game is still great to enjoy so let me help you enjoy it even more by telling you all that you need to know!

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Idle Port Tycoon tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything that you need to know in order to evolve the port faster!

Start by building everything that you can

The best and most important step here is to build all the structures that you can. This can be done by having enough money. You will not have a lot of building to work with at start, which is why it’s important to save all the money for building more.

I suggest that you focus on these building and the upgrades necessary for them from the very beginning of the game, because that will make for the best start possible in the game.

Whenever you can afford building something new, you should do it right away because it will increase your profits quite a lot. So keep on saving money and build everything you can!

idle port tycoon 2

Max all of the stats

All the stats that your port has can be upgraded, starting with the Speed and many more. Depending on which part you are trying to upgrade, you will have more (or less) stats that can be worked with.

No matter which you choose to start upgrading though, you should always put Speed and Money first, because they are what basically increases the profit in your port. Since the stats can be upgraded to maximum level 10, you can start maxing them out one by one, but not from the very beginning.

This is one of the best ways to make upgrades to the structures once you built them:

– Start by upgrading the Speed in your most profitable structure. Add several levels here.

– Then start upgrading Money, also for the most profitable structure. Add several levels here too.

By this point you should start gaining increasingly more money, which will allow for more upgrades.

– Max out the structures, starting with the first ones (which are the cheapest).

This is one of the most efficient ways to make more money, that in my opinion work really good. Try it out for yourself and if you continuously grow, you’ll never really stop making tons of money.

idle port tycoon 1

Notice angry faces? It’s time for a change

If you notice from the cars that there are some angry faces, then it means that there is something that you need to change because people in the port are unhappy. This most often happens if your loading dock is full, so try to always sell all of the containers if that happens.

Another instance when this might happen is if you need to make some upgrades. For instance, you might be a little bit behind in certain features, so try to check them out and if necessary, save up money to upgrade them.

idle port tycoon 3

Get big offline bonuses

Whenever you go offline from the game, because it’s an idle game it will keep on progressing for you. The good thing about this is that once you are back, you will be able to benefit from an amazing 3x bonus!

That means that if you choose to watch an advertisement, you can triple all of your offline earnings for free. Try doing so whenever you come back into the game from a longer break, because it will make a huge difference.

Get 2x and 3x profit Boost

Sometimes an option will appear in the left side of the screen which will offer you to watch an advertisement and in return you will get a 5 minute 2x profit boost. This sounds good, but the great part is that once you watch the first ad and unlock the 5 minute boost, you will get the same option, only this time will be for 15 minutes!

I suggest that you should always try and have this active from the very beginning, because it will drastically shorten the time you need to kick things off. Also, after a while it might ask you to watch another ad and turn that 2x 15 minute boost into a 3x 15 minute boost. This is also a great offer, so if you don’t mind watching ads, try and do it!

idle port tycoon 4

Tap to speed things up

If you choose to tap the screen continuously you will activate the 2x speed bonus. This bonus only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it can be maintained non stop for as long as you tap the screen. Whenever you are bored or want to have something to do, try doing this because it will help you expand the port faster. However, if you don’t want it is not necessary and you can rely only on the other upgrades.

Claim free money

There are a few features in the game which will give you free money, and if you are looking to expand, then try taking advantage of each and every one of them because they might prove super handy!

– Tap the drone holding a box that flies across your screen: from this one you don’t even have to watch an advertisement. It will simply give you some money as soon as you tap on it.

Tap the golden containers: these golden containers have various amounts of money inside, and usually you can watch an advertisement to triple their amounts! This is super useful at every point in the game, as the more you advance, the higher the amount of money inside!

Claim 3x money when leveling up: whenever you level up, you might sometimes be offered to get 3x the amount of money in exchange for watching an ad. This is a great offer, as the amounts of money you get increase the more you level up.

Tap the glowing blue containers: these are a little bit more rare, and they contain Gems inside! Whenever you see them, don’t miss the opportunity to open them and watch an ad to claim the Gems, because if you are a f2p player this is a great source for them!

idle port tycoon 6

These would be all of our Idle Port Tycoon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Idle Port Tycoon Guide: Tips to Build a Great Port


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