Idle Life Sim Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earning Lots of Money

It is time to move out and start building your own life in Idle Life Sim, a new idle clicker game from Codigames, masters of the idle clicker genre. In Idle Life Sim, players will create their own character and choose the preferred profession. Thanks to grandma, they start out with a job and a place, but you are on your own from there!

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In our Idle Life Sim tips and tricks guide, we will show you the basics of living on your own. We will show you how to earn money quick, and how furniture affects your living quality. Let’s get started with our Idle Life Sim cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to earning lots of money!

Starting your First Job

After Grandma leaves you to your own expenses when the tutorial is over, you are free to tackle life at any angle you want. But first, you will probably want to start working on your job to get some more money.

You will automatically generate income every couple of seconds, and you can watch this process in real-time by watching the progress bar at the top. The number in the bar shows how much money you are making every tick, and to increase this you must get better at your job.

If you tap on the suitcase button at the bottom right, the career screen will come up. Here you can improve various aspects of your job to make more money – just tap on the green button to level it up, and you will increase your money per hour, gradually increasing your income over time.

Each activity can only be upgraded a certain of times. When the upgrade button turns into a green checkmark, that activity is maxed out and you have to move onto the next one! Keep this up to keep earning more money!

Furnishing Your Home

Your house will be completely empty save for a few essential furnishings at the start of the game, but fear not – a quick trip to the furniture shop will remedy that real fast! Furniture not only livens up your houses, but they are also required for you to gain status and progress through your career.

If you tap on the info button next to each piece of furniture, you can see the that there is a little yellow crown icon – this is status. Your status will gives you a little boost to income, but the most important thing is that enough status is required to get a promotion.

Here is a little tip: certain pieces of furniture will be marked with with a x2 sign. Certain furniture are themed after the four main professions in the game, and if you use furniture that matches your profession, you will earn double the amount of status from those pieces. Aim to complete the full set for your profession!

If you see something you like, make sure you do not wait too long on it! The furniture shop will cycle out its inventory every couple of minutes, so keep an eye on the timer. Alternatively, you can also just order furniture from a theme set whenever you want for a small gem fee. You do not get to pick exactly what you get, but you will ALWAYS get something new, so you do not have to worry about getting stuff you already have.

Getting a Promotion

If you scroll down to the bottom of the activities list in the job section, you will see the next position you can move up to. Before you can get a promotion, you need to meet the requirements, and they usually require you to be at a certain level and have a certain amount of job upgrades.

Remember you only level up through furniture, so make sure you keep buying more, preferably ones that match your profession. Also make sure to keep buying activity upgrades to increase your income and keep the money coming enough. As soon as it is available, get your promotion and you will get a huge wage increase.

Moving Into a Bigger House

Eventually, you are gonna need so much furniture to level up that you will not even have room for. The answer? Buy a new house, of course! When you can afford it, you should be able to buy a new house as soon as possible to get that sweet extra room.

Houses, as you can probably guess, are pretty expensive so it will be a while until you can move into the next house. Just keep working towards your activity upgrades and wait for your job income to come in and you should be fine after a while.

Complete Tasks

You will always have a task active at all times, and you can check your task sheet by the button at the top right. These tasks will ask you to do things like improve a career activity a specific amount of times, buy furniture, and so forth.

Completing these tasks is a great way to earn big chunks of money, and it is the only way to earn gems, the premium currency of the game. Gems can be used to buy exclusive furniture from the shop that has big status boosts on them, so make sure you save up gems to get this awesome furniture.

Activate Global Bonus and Start Anew

As you get closer to maxing out your current character’s career, they will start to add to a global bonus. This bonus affects all of your characters… but you may be wondering, I can have multiple characters?

When you get to the end, you will unlock the Multiverse. This allows you to create a new character and start from scratch, this time with a new career. As you level up that character and bring them to the end of their career, the global bonus will increase.

It will be easier to level up your new character as well thanks to the global bonus you receive from your initial character. Keep advancing careers and it will eventually make it easier and easier to start new careers!

That’s all for Idle Life Sim! If you have any other tips or tricks to share for getting rich quick, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Life Sim Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earning Lots of Money

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