Idle Home Makeover Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earn Money Fast

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It is time to design a house from the ground up in Idle Home Makeover, an idle home designing game. Starting off with the basic framing, insulation, and sheeting, players will start building their houses and move onto putting the whole thing together once enough money comes in. If you love seeing long projects come together, this is the game for you!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Idle Home Makeover tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of earning money and how to get more at a quicker rate so that you can buy more pieces for your homes faster. Let’s get started with our Idle Home Makeover cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to earn money fast!

Building your First House

Idle Home Makeover starts with you redesigned a basic craftsman house. The house is nothing but wooden support beams, so it is up to you to finish the job.

First, you will need some money, and the main method of earning money early on is simply tapping on the piggy bank in the corner. You will earn money depending on how fast you tap, so tap away!

Once you have some money, you can start buying components for your house. They will be built onto the frame right away, so you get to watch the house come together in real-time.

Take a look at the top of the screen, where it shows your money. You may have noticed that every time you bought a new part for the house, your passive income increased. This is the key to earning lots of money: keep buying house pieces!

(This Idle Home Makeover guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Leveling Up

Every time you purchase an upgrade for a house, you will earn player experience, as indicated by the bar at the top right corner of the screen. Once the meter fills up, you will level up!

When you level up, you have to tap on the button to confirm the level up and receive your prize money. You earn a lot of money for leveling up, so make sure to keep buying house components.

Do note that it is possible to keep buying components when you are waiting to confirm a level up. If this happens, those experience points are essentially wasted, so make sure that you hit that level up button as soon as you see it.

House Upgrades

Upgrades can be accessed by the button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Upgrades focus on improving the passive income boost from certain house components.

Most of the upgrades in this category only affect a specific part of the house. For example, the “Boost from Wall: Framing” upgrade will only boost the money generated from the “Wall: Framing” component.

You do not need to max out every single part of the house, but if you want to maximize money you will need to do so. If you have a specific component maxed out and fully purchased, it will benefit greatly from getting the corresponding booster.

In addition to the component-specific upgrades, there are three generic upgrades as well that deal with offline generation. One upgrade increase the amount of money you earn while you are away from the game, while the other increases the max amount of time you can be away from the game before it stops generating money.

If you have the game closed often, it is worth it to invest in these upgrades so that you can keep earning even while you are away.

The final upgrade is piggy bank income, which boosts the amount of money you earn by tapping the piggy bank by 10%. This upgrade should be bought as much as possible if you play the game actively and tap the piggy bank a lot.

Advertisement Bonuses

Idle Home Makeover loves to just absolutely bombard you with advertisements offering different kinds of temporary bonuses, and it might be daunting to know which ones are worth your time.

We have compiled a list of all the different advertisement bonuses you can get in the game here so that you have an easier time deciding what you want to activate!

Static boosts are the fixed advertisement offers that stay glued to the screen at all times so that you always have access.

  • The purple gems are the premium currency of the game. Tap on the gem button to bring yourself to a screen where you can watch ads for free gems. You can do this up to five times a day.
  • The 2x boost will double your income for a minute. You can watch an ad to activate this bonus or pay 5 gems.
  • The prize wheel can be spun after watching an ad. You can win boosts, money, and gems from it. You can also pay 5 gems to spin it without watching an ad.
  • The bag of cash is the Instant Fund. You can watch an ad to instantly collect a sizable sum of money, which is useful for getting that last upgrade you need. You can also buy money with gems, with different amount options.
  • The Auto Build bonus will make the game automatically purchase the next suitable upgrade for your current house. The bonus lasts for a minute, but can be extended by watching multiple ads.

From this selection, we recommend the double income boost for lots of money. The Instant Fund is pretty good as well, but we recommend this over the double boost only if your natural income is low. Auto Build is a great choice too if you are away from the game a lot.

In addition to the static boosts, there are also dynamic boosts. These boosts will occasionally appear on the screen randomly, and if you tap on them you can see what they do. They will not hang around forever, so you have to tap quickly before they disappear.

  • The golden hammer will double your income for a whopping three minutes!
  • The golden pig will make your piggy bank give you triple money for a minute. When you activate this boost, tap on your piggy bank as fast as you can! The golden pig may also give you auto tap, which will automatically collect money from the piggy bank.
  • The golden care package will instantly net you free items, including spins for the prize wheel, and free upgrades.

Of course, before you can actually claim any of these, you will need to watch a short advertisement. You can get ahead and earn a ton of money if you use the right boosts.

For the dynamic boosts, we recommend activating the golden hammer and the golden pig. These boosts will help generate tons and tons of cash for you in a short period of time.

Moving onto New Houses

You start out with just the craftsman house, but there are three more houses for you to unlock. The houses cost a lot of money to unlock, but you can unlock them at any point you like; you are not required to completely finish the previous house.

With that said, it is best to wait until you DO finish the previous house. Your money generation and current money carries over between houses, so you will be going in strong if you unlock the next house after you have finished the previous house.

Your money generation will be very high, so you will have lots of cash to deal with the way more expensive house components. Yes, the components get more expensive with each house you unlock, so make sure you are prepared!

That’s all for Idle Home Makeover! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Home Makeover Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earn Money Fast

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