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Idle Heroes: Best Heroes Per Faction (2020 Update)

Idle Heroes: Best Heroes Per Faction (2020 Update)

It’s difficult to go through all the heroes available in Idle Heroes and rank them up, but in today’s article I am giving it a shot and sharing with you the best heroes per faction in Idle Heroes.

This will hopefully help you better understand which are the best heroes in the game depending on the faction they are aligned to. This should also make it easier for you to set up the perfect team – but don’t forget that we already have a dedicated guide on the best Idle Heroes line-up, so make sure to check it out.

Back to the best heroes per faction in the game, it’s difficult to keep a list that’s always up to date, since heroes change, new ones are brought into the game and tweaks are made with every update.

But having something to relate to is better than blindly choosing the heroes to focus on upgrading, and I am sure that this list will remain useful long term. This list is updated in late April 2020.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to business and check out the Idle Heroes list of best heroes for each faction!

Idle Heroes: Best Fortress Faction Heroes

  1. Unimax-3000 (one of the best heroes in the game IMHO)
  2. Iceblink (great at CC and can tank & steal the opponents attack)
  3. Ormus (amazing healer that will make your whole team shine)
  4. Emily (good hero with speed boosting stats and debuffs for the opponent)

Idle Heroes: Best Dark Faction Heroes

  1. Sleepless (survives very well and is a great tank when leveled up properly and almost doesn’t die)
  2. Dark Arthindol (third best CC in the game and her ability to petrify makes your enemy go stone cold often enough)
  3. Mihm (a hero that takes revenge to the next level, he has an amazing passive that deals damage to enemies when allies die)
  4. Amen-Ra (There might not be many Dark Faction heroes in the game, but Amen-Ra is godly with his active and passive skills)

Idle Heroes: Best Light Faction Heroes

  1. Michelle (craziest tank in the game and also a ranger and comes back to live in 90% when getting killed – you get like 2 Heroes for 1!)
  2. Aida (Amazing mage with impressive debuffs – her active skill is crazy at dealing damage, while the Final Verdict passive is truly OP)
  3. Belrain (good priest with healing that will keep your strongest going, also boosting the backline which generally deals more damage anyway)

Idle Heroes: Best Abyss Faction Heroes

  1. Nakia (Amazing when it comes to taking out the backline of your opponent, albeit a bit slower since we’re generally talking about bleeding)
  2. Kroos (Great priest with good buffs and debuffs, although a bit random, making him less useful in teams that are very specialized)
  3. Barea (PvP & PvE Tank Beast)
  4. Queen (Amazing damage and here Counterattack can win you whole fights!)

Idle Heroes: Best Shadow Faction Heroes

  1. Blood Blade (by far the best Hero not only in his faction)
  2. Walter (his armor break is a lot better than most people think!)
  3. Aidan (with the 3rd highest crits in the game, he is an absolute monster)
  4. Horus (while I don’t really like random effect heroes, Horus is strong and useful)

Idle Heroes: Best Forest Faction Heroes

  1. Garuda (by far the best Forest Faction hero, a great Warrior that can wreak havoc among the opponents, be it in PvP or PvE).
  2. Valkyrie (a damage dealing ranger that steals attack from her enemies and self heals – a perfect combo!)
  3. Demon Hunter (with her cc and speed he will be a great help and a must-have in your team)
  4. Rosa (a priest that will make your whole team a lot better)

These would be our picks for the best heroes in each faction in Idle Heroes. Do you have other favorites that you believe should’ve ranked higher? Drop a comment below to let us know!

Remember that new heroes are constantly released, meaning that older ones might get a debuff or two in order to make the new ones stronger and more interesting to the user. This makes sense, because otherwise there will be no challenge for us and we would get bored with the game soon.

What I want to say is that generally, it is safe to assume that newly released heroes at least have the potential to be great picks (although they usually are better choices than existing ones).

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Idle Heroes: Best Heroes Per Faction (2020 Update)


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