Idle Gym Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Ultimate Gym

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There’s a brand new idle game out in the wild and it’s called Idle Gym: Fitness Simulation Game. Developed by Ohayoo, the game unsurprisingly challenges you to build a top gym for your animal-human hybrid customers.

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And we’re here to help by sharing some Idle Gym tips and cheats in a complete strategy guide that will help you build that dream gym faster than the rest. And hopefully answer some burning questions that you might have.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below our Idle Gym guide!

Find the right balance when upgrading

Your main goal in Idle Gym is to maximize profits. And in order to maximize profits, you must find the perfect balance when upgrading the three main categories in the game: Price, Speed and Equip(ment).

What you want to do is to keep the gym full at all times, with people training there – and finishing their routine as fast as possible, while paying for the service as much as possible.

And fortunately, it’s really easy to see with just a glance how things are going in terms of optimization: if you have no people queuing at the door and empty equipment bits in the gym, that’s not good.

It’s not good to have huge queues either, since that means you’re losing the opportunity to generate more money faster, but queues are better than empty gyms.

And this is where the balancing mastery comes into play: you want to increase the “Price” category as much as possible first, as you want to generate as much money as possible from each customer.

While doing this, keep an eye on the screen: if you’re starting to get huge queues at the door, start investing in the other two categories, equally: Speed (which makes people train faster) and Equip (which allows one extra person to train inside the gym with each bought upgrade).

You will usually want to have Speed and Equip at around the same level, while the “Price” category should always be about 5 levels (or more) higher, in order to optimize earnings and everything else.

Additional upgrades through the “Club Fitness” menu

But what to do if you buy too many speed and equip upgrades? Well, tap the “Club Fitness” button near your gym’s door and get access to a plethora of new potential upgrades.

The most important here are the following:

Queue Capacity (increases the number of customers waiting outside)
Frequency (increases the speed at which new customers come to visit the gym)

Out of these two, the “Frequency” one is the one to keep an eye on, since that basically helps you control the number of people coming in to your gym. So when you’re starting to see the queues going down because you invest in new Equipment and Speed upgrades, increase the Frequency (and maybe Queue as well) in order to keep everything optimized.

There are three other upgrades that you can buy here, but not all of them are as important:

Energy Drink: increases the price per customer. However, you’re only getting 20 coins per each upgrade… and they soon become very inefficient. However, every bit helps and later on in the game (at around level 25) you should max it out.

The Energy Drink Upgrade maxes out at 400, and that final upgrade costs about 4.1 million. There’s a lot to pay for 20 coins, but in the long run it will eventually start giving you a profit.

Air Conditioner: I consider this one extremely useless, as you have to pay a lot of money for a 0.5% increase of the speed at which your customers train at. I think that the regular Speed upgrades are cheaper and I rarely invest here.

Shower Room: A nice upgrade that increases the price you earn even more. Each upgrade gives you 5% more income, so it’s good to max this one out ASAP (maxes out at 100%)

Example of my current build with all upgrades

Finding that perfect balance is difficult and you always have to adjust, increasing the equipment and speed to welcome more customers, while keeping the price under control as well.

Right now, I am at level 29 and you can check out below my levels in each category, of which I am extremely satisfied:

Price: Level 42
Speed: Level 36
Equip: Level 36

Queue Capacity: 14
Frequency: 360% increase
Energy Drink: Maxed Out (400)
Air Conditioner: 3% extra speed
Shower Room: Maxed Out (100%)

With these numbers, the queues are always full and the money flow is really, really nice, leveling up relatively fast. The plan is to increase the equipment and speed by 2-3 more levels, increase the price, then the frequency. Rinse and repeat.

These bonuses increase as you unlock new levels, but overall their value (or lack of value as is the case of the Air Conditioner) remains proportionally the same.

Should you tap the screen?

The game doesn’t tell you if tapping the screen does anything good, but it seems that if you do, your customers train a lot faster.

So I recommend tapping the screen if you have time – and this is especially beneficial early on in the game when the number of purchased upgrades are not that high. Or when you start with a new gym.

How to unlock the Swimming Pool in Idle Gym?

This is one of the biggest mysteries in the game right now. The Swimming Pool shows up in all gyms, but is always locked. I haven’t managed to unlock it yet, but there are two possibilities here:

1. The Swimming Pool is an upcoming feature and it will be released with a future update of the game (the most likely scenario)

2. The Swimming Pool unlocks in Idle Gym after you unlock all the available gyms – so after level 40.

Right now, we don’t know the answer, although I personally believe that option #1 is the correct one. If you have managed to unlock the Swimming Pool in Idle Gym somehow, do let us know!

Grab those extra customers

You can get better paying customers in the game by tapping the “Club Fitness” button and selecting Customers. They are bought with Diamonds and are pretty expensive, but they also offer nice bonuses.

You unlock new customers when you unlock a new Gym, so there are 4 sets of new customers that you can unlock:

– First Set (most worthwhile based on Price): increases XP or goldby 10% (with additional 10% for every upgrade purchased).
– Second Set: increases XP or Gold by 20%, with 20% increases with each upgrade.

Most likely, the other two sets follow a similar pattern, offering a base increase of 40% and 60%. Still, the first set is the best one when considering the costs.

Unlock new Gyms and build them up too

As you go up the levels, you unlock new gyms: the MapleLeaf at level 20, the SnowBoy at MapleLeaf level 30 and the HappyValley at Snowboy level 40.

In other words, you have to play a mighty amount of time in order to get that final Gym unlocked and unfortunately unlocking a new one doesn’t seem to come with any income bonuses… which is unfortunate to say the least.

This also means that once you unlock a new gym, it doesn’t make much sense to focus a lot on the previous one(s) because you gain nothing from leveling them up. Nothing but personal records, and sometimes it’s worth playing for those as well.

You can come back from time to time and switch between gyms to collect the income generated while you were away (this also counts when you’re actively playing in a different gym).

Watch videos for bonuses

If you want everything to be a lot easier – and progress much faster, take advantage of all the options you have to watch ads in order to get more money. There are several options that you have available:

You can watch an ad to get an instant amount of regular coins (when you see a floating bottle around), you can watch a video ad to get a random number of gems (between 20-100), you can watch one to spin the wheel and win a random price and finally you can watch an ad to increase revenue generated while away or when you level up.

Level up without watching ads

I’ve had the misconception – for quite a while, too – that you can’t level up in Idle Gym without watching an ad. But that is false.

When you tap the Level Up button, you can simply level up without watching an ad, by clicking the X button in the upper right corner. Watching the ad will simply give you 3 times more the revenue you’d get at that particular level, but the truth is that it’s not really worthwhile as the floating bottle gives you way more.

How to turn off the ads in the game

If you don’t want to get all the potential advantages that ads give you in Idle Gym, you can simply turn off WiFi and mobile internet on your device, then restart the game.

Remember that doing so will not only erase the options that you have when it comes to earning bonuses from watching those advertisements, but also won’t repay the developers of this game for their hard work. So our recommendation: don’t do this.

And these would be all our tips and tricks for Idle Gym. A really good game that’s perfect for your five minute breaks – and if you managed to find additional strategies that work well, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below.

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Idle Gym Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Ultimate Gym

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