Idle Guardians: Never Die Guide: Tips & Cheats To Form a Strong Party

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Guardians rally and save the day! Idle Guardians: Never Die is a pixelated fantasy idle RPG. Recruit a number of legendary “Guardians,” powerful beings that wield the strength to defeat the encroaching monsters! While your Guardians are fighting, dig into gold mines to ensure a steady supply of income, and research new ways to power up your Guardians in the Lab!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Idle Guardians: Never Die tips and tricks guide, we will go over the idling basics of the game and how to maximize your damage and gold output. Let’s get started with our Idle Guardians: Never Die cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to form a strong party!

Leveling your Guardians and Miners

Your first order of business in Idle Guardians is to level up your Miners, then Guardians. Your Guardians will automatically fight and progress through the stages on their own, provided they are strong enough.

To level up your Guardians, you need to spend gold on them. When they level up, their attack and defense go up, and when they hit certain levels, they will unlock new skills to use in battle.

If you ever run into a roadblock where you cannot beat the enemies, just keep pumping levels into your Guardians and you should eventually be able to overcome your obstacles.

But… where will you get all of that gold? From your miners, of course! You can access your mine from the HQ tab, where your miners will constantly dig gold for you. You can level up your miners to increase the amount of gold they get, and you can unlock new miners to increase your gold flow.

Early on, its important to unlock as many new miners rather than leveling up your existing ones. The reason being is that whenever you rebirth, you have access to all of your unlocked miners even if they start at level 1. We will talk more about this later.

In addition to the immediate gold, some of the gold your miners get goes into your vault. Your vault gains charges every 15 or so minutes, and each charge is worth quite the amount of gold.

The catch is that the charges must be collected manually, and there is a maximum limit of charges the vault can hold. Make sure to turn on notifications so that you can collect the vault earnings from time to time.

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Recommend Lab Upgrades

As your Guardians defeat monsters, they will collect research points which look like little blue spheres. Research points can be spent on unlocking permanent upgrades in the lab.

At the beginning you will only have access to Lab A, but that is OK because most of the important upgrades are here. To start out, we recommend upgrading Squad up to level 3, as this will allow you to hold eight Guardians in your party.

If you use all of your free recruitments at the beginning, you will end up with exactly eight Guardians. You will have much more power with a bigger squad.

Next, Minimum Wage and Work Management are the key upgrades to racking up tons of gold quickly. Minimum Wage decreases the cost to unlock and upgrade miners, while Work Management increases the amount of gold they collect.

Since your miners start at level 1 each time you rebirth, you will be doing a lot of initial investment to get them back up and running again. These two upgrades will help alleviate the initial hump!

When to Rebirth

Once you have your miners upgraded and your Guardians ready for battle, let them go for a bit and see how well they do. They should be able to get to at least stage 100 on their own without too much trouble.

When you notice your party start to have trouble clearing stages, it may be time to rebirth. Rebirthing, like many other idle games, will reset your stage progress, gold, and levels back to 1, but you will earn a special currency called dragon stones.

You can spend these dragon stones on permanent upgrades for your Guardians that persist between rebirths, making them very important for improving the overall strength of your party.

When in doubt, simply rebirth. Do not be afraid to rebirth, as a majority of the time you will benefit from it and gain lots of dragon stones.

Your hero character will also gain experience and level up when you rebirth. Certain pieces of equipment can only be equipped when your hero is high enough level.

Head into the Dungeon for New Equipment

After you perform your first rebirth, you will gain access to the dungeon. The dungeon has fixed battles that are determined by the current day of the week; different dungeons are open only on specific days.

Each dungeon level works like a normal battle, except your Guardians are set to level one and they are not powered up for the duration of the fight. This means you need your highest rarity Guardians to send in to stand a chance.

Each dungeon has a special rule in effect, and paying attention to them is they key to victory. For example, the “Hungry Bird” dungeon features enemies that are resistant to magic damage, so choose your Guardians wisely.

The amount of Guardians you can bring into a dungeon level is directly equal to your current upgrade level for the team size, so make sure you upgrade that to build bigger parties.

There are five kinds of materials that is used to buy equipment: feather, red gems, electronic chips, yellow gems, and crystals. At least, that is what they look like to us! Each dungeon level drops only one kind of material, so make sure you are choosing the level that has what you need.

It costs special keys to enter a dungeon that automatically refill over time. Try to use all of your keys every day to stock up on materials. Also, once you clear a level for the first time, you can “clear” it, which expends your remaining keys and gives you materials equal to the amount of keys used. It is a great way to quickly use up your keys for the day and gain lots of materials.

Once you have enough materials, you can access the equipment shop from the world map. You are presented with four randomly selected pieces of equipment, and if you do not like the selection you can refresh the shop for free.

You start with three refresh charges, and once you use them all up you will automatically regenerate them over time.

Building your Party

For the most part, you can just throw in all of your highest rarity Guardians into your party and call it a day. A generally strong party can get through a lot of stages, but if you really want to maximize your damage potential it helps to look at your Guardians.

Each Guardian in the game belongs to one of the three main directors – Publi, Patch, and Cheat. This affects what kind of skills they will learn and what their promotional passive bonuses will be.

Most Guardians will eventually learn skills that apply buffs to them and to the rest of the party that matches their group. For example, a Publi hero may have a skill that boosts the attack power of all Publi Guardians on the team.

If you have choices, you may want to build your team around a central buff or bonus. It will boost your overall damage output!

Promoting and Awakening

If you end up recruit the same Guardian multiple times, do not fear – you will earn a special material called soul stones. These rare stones can be spent on the biggest form of character advancement: awakening and promoting.

Awakening can be done to increase a Guardian’s HP and attack power. This is the simpler process, as it only requires soul stones.

The other method is promoting, which is much more complex. You will need the soul stones of two specific Guardians, any soul stones from a Guardian of the same rarity, and any soul stones from a Guardian of a lower rarity.

Promoting is a lengthy process, but it is worth it, as the Guardian will be able to unlock new passive boosts, new skills, and a special effect.

Make sure that you are constantly recruiting to farm up soul stones and new Guardians.

That’s all for Idle Guardians: Never Die. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Guardians: Never Die Guide: Tips & Cheats To Form a Strong Party

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