Idle Guardians is a free endless idle RPG where your band of would-be heroes journey across the land in search for epic loot and nasty monsters to slay. Each hero has their own unique set of abilities, and you can level them up and sort them as you see fit. Our Idle Guardians cheats and tips will show you how to survive your battles and build the ultimate team!

Idle Guardians has lots of quests and tons of monsters to destroy, so there is plenty to do here in this idle RPG. Let’s get started with our Idle Guardians cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use your Rage abilities often!

The yellow bar below your heroes’ health bar is their rage bar. It fills up whenever the hero attacks and receives damage, and when it is full you can unleash their rage ability! Rage abilities are heavy hitting attacks that can easily turn the tide of battle. Heroes’ rage meters fill up relatively quickly, so do not be afraid to use them and do not save them for a rainy day!

In fact, Idle Guardians ramps up the difficulty of the monsters fairly quickly, so you will NEED to use these rage abilities often in order to get through some of the battles early on.

Buy upgrades as soon as they are available!

Aside from leveling up and ranking up, the only other direct way to improve your heroes are to buy upgrades for them. Upgrades unlock once that hero reaches a certain level, and they grant your heroes significant passive boosts to their stats and damage.

Claim rewards from the quest board!

The quest board will have a notification dot whenever you have a quest to claim. Each hero has their own set of personal quests, and they are all worth precious gems whenever you complete them. The quest board is the only other way to earn free gems aside from the daily free collection from the shop.

Rank up often, but make sure to reclaim shards before they are too high!

Whenever you reset and use the Portal of Renewal, you will gain an additional currency called shards. Shards can be used to level up your heroes, just like you can with gold, but it is tracked separately, so heroes have a normal level and rank level.

This means that they get significantly stronger when their levels are stacked on each other, and this is the key to getting through the tougher segments of the adventure.

You can, at any point in time, reclaim the shards from an individual hero and reset their rank level back to zero. This normally costs gems, but the first time is free. The reclaim cost will increase depending on how high the hero’s rank is, percentage wise.

If you reclaim shards from a hero before you rank them up too high, you can keep it free for a long time. You should do this a lot early on because you do not know what heroes you will end up using the most.

Unique gear must be equipped for the bonuses!

You will find a variety of gear throughout your adventure, and most of them will apply its effects to your entire team without you having to do anything. But the rarer equipment must be equipped to specific heroes in order to receive the stats boost, so make sure you are keeping track of your gear.

That’s all for Idle Guardians! If you have any other tips or tricks for the adventure to come, let us know in the comments below!

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