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Idle Courier Tycoon Tips, Cheats and Guide to Build Your Transport Empire

Idle Courier Tycoon Tips, Cheats and Guide to Build Your Transport Empire

It might be true that Idle Courier Tycoon starts out slowly – surprisingly slow, I would add – things pick up sooner rather than later and things become a lot more intense and interesting. We’re here today to help them all make sense – and you get better at this game – by sharing our Idle Courier Tycoon tips, cheats and guide.

While the game is as basic as it gets in terms of idle gameplay concepts and mechanics, it doesn’t hurt to get some help and make sure that you’re doing everything right.

And that’s exactly what we’re here for: to help you make the right choice and purchase upgrades in the correct order. So check out Touch Tap Play’s Idle Courier Tycoon tips and tricks below:

It’s all about packing

The most important part of your business is the Packing department. It doesn’t really matter if you bring in a ton of materials and you upgrade everything else to the max… it’s the Packing areas that make money for you.

So make sure that you focus on upgrading those: keep an eye on the number of products piling up in the queue. You want those to be as low as possible. If things are piling up, there is no need to invest in anything else than upgrades for your packing areas.

This is the only way to make sure that your income increases. Otherwise, you will just get more items piling up and not making you money.

Of course, if you still have other new packing machines to buy, it would be a good idea to invest in those also and then level them up. But have in mind a very important thing about these (covered below).

The sorter and Packing Machines go hand in hand

If you buy a packing machine and you don’t have the money to level up the Sorting Area, you will see no improvement. You actually have to buy the Modify Sorter upgrade in order to add a new sorting line to your machine.

These two go hand in hand and there is no need to invest in one before you can afford the other. The good thing is that the Modify Sorter upgrade only has to be purchased once: afterwards, you can focus on the Packing Machines!

But have in mind that in order to buy the Modify Sorter upgrade that gives you access to the new Packing Machine, you need to meet the level requirements of sorter itself. Everything goes well hand in hand, but once you are there in the game, you will see that it’s not very complicated.

The correct order to buy upgrades

So, to sum things up, I would recommend you to buy upgrades in the following order:

  1. Packing Machine upgrades (as much as possible)
  2. Unloading dock (to have more vehicles unloading – but not more docks than vehicles!)
  3. Sorting Machine Upgrades (with the goal of getting more Packing Machines ASAP)
  4. Everything else that deals with capacity and faster product transport

Check the stats for a better understanding of the game

A very handy in-game feature is the stats screen that you can access by tapping the corresponding icon in the upper right corner (next to the missions board).

Once there, you will see how everything is going in your Courier business. Most likely, you will always have an excess of products in the line, showing you that you have to keep investing in the Packing Machines.

But should the numbers be different, it’s easy to fix them: see the area that you are on the red with and simply invest in a few upgrades there!

Should you train employees?

When it comes to the Packing Machines, you have two upgrade options: leveling up the Machine itself or Training the employees. In my opinion, you should never do the latter until later in the game.

Training employees is very expensive compared to upgrading the machine and the increase in profits is minimal. So simply wait until leveling up your Machine becomes as expensive or more expensive than training Employees… and buy upgrades then. Until that moment though, it doesn’t make sense to focus on this.

Upgrade the machine styles for increased income

The crates that you can get in the game will offer you various cards for the Packing Machines. These can be used to upgrade the said machines, which will offer them a permanent income boost in all future factories.

Therefore, it’s essential to take advantage of all offers you have and grab new cards for upgrading the machines. Spend your Premium Diamonds on those crates or find the time to watch an Ad for a crate every now and then.

Watch ads to increase income

Like in all idle games, you have the option to watch ads in order to improve your in-game earnings. You have a few options, out of which one is really recommended for a massive boost.

I think you should always watch an ad to double your offline income, especially if you spent at least a couple of hours away from the game. The income boost is significant this way.

You can also double the amount of earnings that your courier station is making by watching ads. You can stack these up for a maximum time of 6 hours, but the good thing is that after watching a specific number of ads, you are rewarded with a loot box as well.

Follow the quest line

One of the easiest ways for you to gain some premium currency for buying new crates and also making sure that you’re progressing in Idle Courier Tycoon as expected is to follow the quest line.

Don’t try to complete all the quests before moving to a new factory as they will continue to be active: you have no time limit and can complete them at your own pace. But having them done sooner rather than later is a huge bonus especially early on.

Expand your courier business!

Moving to a new factory is how this games handles the so called “prestiging” in other idle games. This means that you basically start from scratch, but with more options on hand and better income per minute.

In this game’s case, when you collect enough money, you can buy a new factory. You start over, but you get a boost to your income (5x more in the case of the second factory) as well as room for more Packing Machines, which give you the chance to earn more money.

You do keep your Style upgrades too, which is really important as it makes progress a lot faster and the game itself a lot more fun.

These would be our Idle Courier Tycoon tips and tricks for fellow fans of the game. If you have additional strategies to share, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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Idle Courier Tycoon Tips, Cheats and Guide to Build Your Transport Empire


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