Idle Coffee Corp Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Build the Ultimate Cafe


Ever wanted to start your own coffee cafe? Now is your chance in Idle Coffee Corp, a new idle clicker game where you the are boss of a new cafe! Hire baristas and managers, add new coffee flavors to your menu, and keep your customers happy by serving them in a timely manner! Our Idle Coffee Corp cheats and tips will show you how to become a pro barista!

Idle Coffee Corp is a little more involved than most idle clicker games, so read on to find out how to create the ultimate cafe in our Idle Coffee Corp cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Have all of your coffees on display!

As you progress through your cafe, you will eventually unlock new brews and coffee types. You should try to have all of your available coffees on display, and try not to set the same type of coffee twice.

The reason being is that customers come into your cafe looking for specific types of coffee, and if you do not have it set, they will leave the cafe dissatisfied!

Having all types of coffee set on a stand will ensure that your cafe is operating at maximum efficiency. Speaking of which…

Watch the efficiency meter!

You can see how much money your cafe is currently making real time at the top right corner of the screen. This basically pulls data from all of your factors, including the level of your stations, the level of your managers, and what coffees you have set and how many stars they have.

The needle meter shows how efficient you are being with your current setup – more in the green is better!

If you have your cafe set up in the perfectly optimal way, the needle will hit the top and the meter will turn golden, and even the music will start to ramp up to celebrate your awesomeness!

In order to get maximum efficiency, this goes back to the first tip: have all of your available coffees ready to go, and make sure that your most profitable station has the most profitable coffee set.

Come back and collect your gold!

You can get free gold – the premium currency of the game – simply by waiting long enough. Every four hours you can collect 5 gold, and you can even skip the wait by watching a short advertisement. Be sure to allow notifications for the game so you are reminded to come collect your gold.

Do not forget about your manager!

Be sure to check up on your manager every now and then. It is quite easy to forget that the manager is a crucial part of your cafe’s efficiency, and if they are not leveled up significantly they tend to be a bottleneck.

Leveling up your manager will allow them to move faster and collect money faster and hold more of it. The more stations you build, the more important it is to make sure your manager is keeping up with the load.

Clear up your lines fast!

This is one idle clicker game where it really helps to play it actively. When you tap to clear out your lines and bring new customers in, you are essentially tripling your because of how fast customers move in and out of your cafe. While your cafe runs perfectly fine on its own, a little tapping will do a lot of good!

That’s all for Idle Coffee Corp! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Coffee Corp Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Build the Ultimate Cafe


  1. Hi is there any way I can move mybaristas. Like my epic ones tend to show up only at station 8… and it cost a lot so they are basically useless.


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