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Idle Arcade Tycoon Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Arcade

Idle Arcade Tycoon Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Arcade

The city is bustling and beautiful, but it is lacking a certain something… something fun! It is time to move in and build your own arcades across the town in Idle Arcade Tycoon, a new idle management game where you fill out empty buildings with tons of fun arcade machines. Create the ultimate entertainment space for hundreds of guests!

In Touch Tap Play’s Idle Arcade Tycoon tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of building arcades and how to earn money fast. Let’s get started with our Idle Arcade Tycoon cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build the best arcade!

Building your First Arcade

When you first start your journey, you will only have access to the Malcolm Parkway, a tiny little square at the edge of town. All great adventures have to start somewhere, to tap on it to begin!

Inside the parkway, you will be presented with a empty room. At the bottom of the screen are your “generators,” which is basically another name for your arcade machines.

Each generator has its own category, and you can use your funds to upgrade it. When it reaches the specified level on the meter, it will gain another machine you can place down for more guests to enjoy.

The amount of money the machines generate also speeds up when you have invested enough into them, so you should always try to improve your generators whenever you can.

And there you go – you have built your first arcade! Watch the guests come and go and they enjoy their favorite games and then leave you a nice tip.

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Buying Arcade Upgrades

At the bottom of the screen, if you tap on the little computer chip button, it will bring you to the arcade upgrades. These upgrades will apply a big profit boost to certain generators, so getting them as early as possible is helpful.

The ones at the top of the list are rather cheap, but as you descend down the list they will get more and more pricey, so it is best to start at the top.

You will eventually need to buy all of them to complete the arcade, but try to buy the upgrade that corresponds to the machines you have invested the most into.

For example, if you have lots of pinball upgrades, the Pinball Profits x3 upgrade should probably be your first choice.

Completing Goals

If you tap on the little checklist at the top right corner of the screen, you will bring up the goal list. Each location has its own unique goal list, so make you complete as many of them as you can before you move on.

When you complete a goal, turning it in will reward you with tokens, the premium currency of the game. You can use tokens to buy timewarps and profit boosts, so they are very helpful to have.

The goals are not particularly challenging either, as you will complete many of them by simply playing the game naturally. Make sure to collect your tokens before you move on!

Unlocking New Plots for Arcades

Once you have maxed out a few generators and completed most of the goals on the checklist, you can tap on the bottom right button to head back into the city view.

You should have now unlocked new plots for you to purchase. New plots means more arcades, but plots are hefty investments so you may need to wait a while for more profits to roll in.

Once you have enough money, go ahead and purchase the plot and you can start furnishing your shiny new arcade.

In your new arcade, you will have to start from scratch, but good news – your existing arcades will continue to generate money for you over time, which is why it is always a good thing to completely max out an arcade before you move onto a new one.

When to Prestige Reset?

Once you have maxed out several arcades, you will unlock the option to prestige reset. What this means is that you will essentially reset your game back to square one, but you will earn permanent prestige multiplier.

The farther you progress and the more money you earn, the more prestige you will earn back. The higher prestige you get, the bigger the multiplier will be, which means it will be much faster to earn money back after you have prestige reset.

If you feel like your progress has slowed down almost to a halt, it may be a good time to prestige reset. It is usually better to reset rather than wait till later, because you are building up your prestige multiplier.

Are the Temporary Boosts Helpful?

There are two boosters that sit at the top left corner of the screen at all times. You can pay tokens or watch advertisements to activate them, but are they worth it?

First, let us take a look at what they actually do. The first booster is the x10 booster, which increases the amount of money you earn from all sources by – you guessed it – 10 times. It only lasts for 30 seconds, and it costs 5 tokens or an ad to activate.

This boost can generate a HUGE amount of money for you but only if you have progressed far enough. This boost will not really help you out too well if you only have a few arcades under your belt, so make sure to use this later rather than earlier.

The second boost is a little crane game minigame where you get to try your luck and activate a cash multiplier. These multipliers are much smaller than the first boost, with them ranging from x2 to x5, but they last for several hours which is big improvement over the 30 second boost.

The crane game should be done whenever you are actively playing the game, as it does not cost that much to activate.

So, in short, the temporary boosts are very helpful, you just need to make sure you use them at the right times.

What Should you Buy from the Shop?

Tapping the button with the coin and fire clock on it will take you to the premium shop. You can spend your hard-earned tokens here for powerful boosts.

The first thing of notice is the daily gift. Every day you can collect 10 free tokens, so make sure you check in to grab them.

The first major thing you can buy are timewarps, which essentially skip a certain stretch of time. The two hour timewarp for instance instantly generates you two hours worth of profit, so they can be helpful if you do not want to wait around.

Before you use a timewarp, make sure you have generators and upgrades purchased as much as possible to get the most out of the timewarp.

The next thing you can get is the Prestige Boost. This thing costs a hefty 1,750 tokens but it immediately increases your prestige bonus by 4.25%. You can buy the Prestige Boost once every two days.

4.25% is a decent multiplier increase, but we would recommend holding onto your tokens and getting the next upgrade first – the PermaBoost, which gives you a flat x10 income multiplier. Early on in the game, you are much more likely to see way more benefits from this as opposed to the Prestige Boost.

The catch? The PermaBoost costs a whopping 3,500 tokens, so you better start saving up soon! It is very worth it though.

That’s all for Idle Arcade Tycoon! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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