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Idle Angels Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Idle Angels Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More
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A young girl is suddenly tasked with the job of seeking out Angels to save the world, and it’s your job to guide her through her journey in Idle Angels, an idle RPG. This game features a variety of bright and colorful Angel characters to collect and train, and they’ll even fight for you when you’re not actively playing the game.

Idle Angels has a pretty simple concept, but there are lots of underlying game mechanics that aren’t readily apparent. We’ll go over some important tips for you in our Idle Angels strategy guide with tips, cheats, and more.

Tip 1: Mastering the battle system

Your line-up consists of six Angels and six backups. Your main six will attack in order of their position on the line-up. The first spot, which is the top spot, attacks first, then goes down the line, starting from the left side.

There are three types of Angels: Warrior, Mage, and Archer. Warrior beats Archer, Archer beats Mage, and Mage beats Warrior. If you have the type advantage, you will deal 20% more damage and take 10% less. If you’re having trouble with a particular level, try building a team of Angels that have the advantage.

Each Angel also has latent Fate buffs. Fate buffs are very powerful and grant stat boosts to Angels, but in order to activate them, you must include the required Angels in your line-up.

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Each Angel has her own set of Fate buffs, and you can check them out by tapping the Fate button in the top left corner of the line-up screen. Fate buffs are strong stat boosters, so you should try to activate as many as possible on your strongest Angel.

Speaking of stats, you can see a full detailed stat sheet of each individual Angel by going to their page and tapping the information button. You’ll get a list of their stats, but what do some of them mean? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Main stat: Determines the Angel’s overall ATK power. Varies between the three classes.
  • STR: Increases ATK, DEF PEN, and ACC.
  • AGI: Increases CRIT and EVA.
  • INT: Increases M. RES and MP Recovery.
  • EDR: Increases max HP and FOR.
  • Max HP/MP: The Angel’s maximum HP and MP values.
  • Max/Min ATK: The potential damage range whenever the Angel attacks.
  • DEF: Reduces the amount of overall damage taken.
  • P. RES: Reduces the amount of physical damage taken.
  • M. RES: Reduces the amount of magical damage taken.
  • ACC: Determines the Angel’s hit probability.
  • EVA: Determines the Angel’s dodge probability.
  • CRIT: Determines the Angel’s critical hit chance. Critical hits boost damage by 180%.
  • FOR: Reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit.
  • MP Recovery: Determines the amount of MP recovered per turn.
  • DEF. PEN Level: The amount of outgoing damage that ignores overall DEF.
  • DEF. PEN: The amount of outgoing damage that ignores the target’s P. RES.
  • RES. PEN: The amount of outgoing damage that ignores the target’s M. RES.

Keeping all these factors in mind will help you master the battle system in Idle Angels. Despite it all being automated, the battles require some planning in order for your team to succeed.

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Tip 2: Focus on a select few Angels

Since you get lots of free summoning tickets for the lower rarity summoning banners, it might be tempting to spread your resources across many Angels, but it’s recommended to avoid this and instead just focus on a few Angels.

The reason for this is because in most cases, a line-up with a few very powerful Angels will almost always beat out a team with equally leveled—but not high—Angels. Idle Angels, once you have all the features and mechanics unlocked, puts a heavy emphasis on investing as many resources into a single Angel as possible.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If you try to focus on too many Angels, you’re going to run out of resources very quickly, especially when you get them to the higher levels. Try to stick to only a few Angels, mainly your highest rarity ones.

As a side note, be wary about investing too many resources into the main player Angel. She starts the game off pretty strong and is an all-around Angel, able to do lots of different things in combat. Since you have to take her into most battles, it’s okay to level her a bit. But, by the endgame, she starts to fall off drastically, and because she cannot use the Inheritance option, any resources you put into her are stuck there for good.

Tip 3: Use the Inherit feature liberally

Idle Angels features a mechanic called Angel Inheritance, which lets you transfer most of the resources used to power up an Angel into another Angel. This effectively makes it so that most of your precious resources are never wasted, as they can be freely transferred around.

To be specific, levels, training, equipment, gems, and technically relics can be exchanged between Angels. The only things that aren’t transferable are the awakening stars, skills, and fashion, which isn’t a lot.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Idle Angels is all about being flexible with your line-up. Some of the harder fights will require specific strategies, and because of this, it’s in your best interest to use the Inherit feature as much as possible.

As an example, one level might have you fight a Mage-type enemy, but your highest level Angel is a Warrior-type, which is weak to Mages. What you could do here is use Inheritance to transfer the resources into an Archer-type Angel for maximum damage. The bottom line is: Get used to using the Inheritance option!

Tip 4: Getting diamonds and the best ways to use them

Diamonds are the premium currency of Idle Angels. You can earn them by completing in-game objectives, and of course, you can just buy them with real money. Diamonds can help boost your Angels quickly, provided you spend them wisely. For reference, here are all the ways to earn diamonds in-game:

  • Player level progression
  • Supply House
  • Any limited-time events
  • High ranks in Clash of Titans, Clash of Guilds, and Arena
  • Secret Abyss progression
  • Daily and main story quests
  • Ludo/Nuit’s Gift ads

As to what you should spend your diamonds on, that’s mostly up to you, but we do have some strong recommendations if you don’t know where to start.

  • Diamond Store: Summon Scrolls, Wish Amulets
  • Special Store: Gem Pouches, Gift Chests, Relic Chests
  • Quick combat items during events for more event items
  • Lucky Valley and Lost Sanctuary items

The Summon Scrolls are time-gated, alongside everything in the Special Store. You’ll want to clear these out as soon as you can before the resets to save up as many resources as possible.

Tip 5: Getting summoning scrolls and the best ways to use them

If you’re just starting Idle Angels or you’re kind of floating around the early-to-mid game still, your highest priority should be securing a UR Angel, which is the highest rarity Angel. The only way to obtain one is to first get an SSR+ Angel and then awaken them to UR.

Typically, SSR summons happen through summoning events where you use the rarest kind of summoning scroll, Superior Scrolls (or blue scrolls), for summoning. You can also use blue scrolls for other regular summons, but this is highly discouraged since you can use the other scrolls for regular summons, like yellow and red.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Earning red and yellow scrolls is pretty straightforward since you get them from simply progressing through the game, but the blue scrolls are the hardest to get. You can get them from the following modes:

  • Lucky Valley missions
  • Lost Sanctuary missions
  • Limited-time summon events

In general, you should not be doing any summoning until there is a summoning event happening, even with green and purple scrolls. During summoning events, most summons you perform will count towards the event’s progress, so stockpiling your scrolls for these events can turn out quite fruitful.

Tip 6: Choosing the right relics

Relics are powerful pieces of gear that your Angel can equip for big boosts. The lower rarity relics can be used by any Angel, but the higher ones (SR) can only be used by specific Angels. The SR relics can be quite powerful, so those are usually the ones you want to chase. Make sure you’re buying the relic chests whenever you get the chance to do so.

Relics have one or two stats on them that are fixed and improve whenever you enhance the relic itself. The other stats on the relic are randomly generated, so you’re at the mercy of the random number generator. Generally speaking, the flat stat boosts are the weakest stats to get; the percentage stat boosts are much better.

So, which relics should you equip to your Angels? If you have an Angel’s SR relic, that is the one to always use, as they’re just so much better than the other relics. Of course, if you’re going for a specific strategy, you can also opt for other universal relics.

Let’s take a look at Ra, as an example. Her exclusive SR relic, Scales of Truth, increases her overall damage, which beats everything else. If you don’t have Scales of Truth, something like Pandora’s Box would be the next best option since it increases Mage-type damage. This means Ra will do increased damage toward Warrior-type enemies.

Tip 7: Check your bag for helpful boosters

As you progress through the game and complete quests, you’ll naturally accumulate some consumable booster items that are actually pretty handy. Be sure to check them out from time to time by opening your bag up on the main menu.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Boosters can grant you specific items on the spot. The time ones grant you that resource for the amount of time you would have theoretically spent. For example, a 2H Angel EXP booster instantly grants you two hours’ worth of experience points for your Angels.

If you’re short on resources, don’t be afraid to use to the boosters in your bag. There’s no point in letting them go to waste by just sitting in your bag for the whole time you play Idle Angels!

Those are some Idle Angels tips and tricks that should help you get your journey started on the right foot. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Idle Angels Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More