Identity V Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Are you the hunter, or the hunted? Identity V is a new asymmetrical horror PvP game. A private detective is on a mysterious case, but there’s more to it than it seems.

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In order to rebuild the past, he must dive into the memories of others. Our Identity V cheats and tips will show you how to win your multiplayer matches!

Identity V is a pretty unique multiplayer game for the mobile platform, so buckle up – this one is gonna be a doozy! Let’s get started with our Identity V cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete all the Tutorials!

After you you clear Memory 1-10, you will unlock Quick Match and most of the tutorial is over with. However, if you enter the game menu, you will see that Tutorials has a notification mark next to it.

Turns out that there are small little tutorials that can help you refine your understanding of the game rules or if you simply forgot something.

Either way, you will see that a lot of them are unfinished. If you have the time to spare, you should go through all of them as they will reward you with 20 clues each. You can exchange clues for Memory Spheres in the Illusion Hall to net yourself extra customization goodies like emotes!

Listen for the audio cues during decoding

As a Survivor, your main goal is to find and decode the cipher machines. As you are decoding one, you will often have to deal with a calibration.

A meter will pop up suddenly and you will need to stop the needle right in the indicated zone. If you time it perfectly, you will speed up the decoding process, but if you miss you will alert the hunter!

Calibrations can throw you off so you must pay attention while decoding. Listen closely and you will actually hear an audio cue when a calibration is about to pop up. If you are playing with the sound off, you can also keep an eye on your action buttons – an additional button will pop up when the calibration is about to start.

Wait for Terror Shock opportunities

As a Hunter, you can instantly incapacitate a survivor if you manage to land a “Terror Shock” blow. Terror Shocks occur when you attack a survivor that is in the middle of an action, like vaulting through a window, healing another survivor, or freeing a survivor from a rocket chair.

As you can probably guess, this is incredibly helpful since you can immediately tie up a survivor and put them in a rocket chair.

The problem is is that a savvy and alert survivor probably won’t attempt any actions when they feel the heartbeat, so you will need to get a little creative and bait survivors into thinking it’s safe.

Switch out Persona Talents!

It is important to keep in mind that switching out your talents in the Persona Web is free and can be done at any time. You should try to build a talent set that fits the character you are playing as.

For a survivor example, if you are playing as the doctor, the talent “Drawbridge Effect” might be helpful to you as you will be able to see survivors that are within 18 meters around you. You can come to their aid easier if you know where they are!

For a hunter example, if you are playing as the Hell Ember, you may want to take the “Deteriorate” talent. Hell Ember’s special ability allows him to create puppets that alert him when they see a survivor.

He can also swap places with them to ambush survivors. However, if left alone, survivors can destroy the puppets, and the Deteriorate talent makes wounded survivors destroy and decode slower.

Identity V: Survivor tips

  • Split into teams of two. You can cover much more ground that way and, should you run into the hunter, he might have a shot at downing only two of you. It is a lot easier to break and run away with fewer people. Even if either of you get hurt, you can just heal each other!
  • If more than one survivor decodes a cipher machine, the process will speed up a bit. This is really helpful, but be sure to keep a lookout for any unwanted guests!
  • You can intentionally fumble a decoding process to lure the hunter to your location. This requires some communication with your team, but if they are close to getting a cipher machine you can be bait and draw attention away from them!

Identity V: Hunter tips

  • Each hunter comes equipped with the “Listen” ability by default. It has quite the lengthy cooldown but for good reason – it lets you see exactly where each survivor is. Use it when you are absolutely out of trails and time is running out!
  • Stay persistent. If you spot a survivor, follow them relentlessly. Survivors cannot sprint forever, and if there no obstacles or pallets for them to use, you WILL catch up to them eventually. If you cannot land a Terror Shock, a regular hit is just as good. Keep following them after your hunter recovers from the attack.
  • Rocket Chairs can be utilized in creative ways! Once a survivor is strapped in, they must be freed otherwise they will be eliminated from the game. Other survivors will come to aid them, and you can use this to your advantage.

That’s all for Identity V! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Identity V Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

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