Abode of Argonius is one of the most difficult bosses in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom. Or at least, it was my first real challenge and, for a while, it seemed that no troop combination was able to defeat him.

But I finally managed to do so and I am now here to share with you my guide on how to beat the Abode of Argonius boss in Hustle Castle.

This is indeed a really though boss and you will need some solid troops in order to stand a chance. Therefore, I recommend to only think about even trying to fight it if you have level 30 and above troops.

But the level of the troops is not the only thing that matters – although it is a requirement in my opinion. You also need to have a solid selection of fighters, and fortunately there are a few ways to go about defeating Abode of Argonius. Here are some facts about the boss himself:

As you can see (and probably noticed already), his biggest strength is that it reflects damage.

Therefore, a tank that deals a lot of damage is completely useless against him, since it only makes him stronger. So we have to think a bit outside of the box.

Here is a setup suggestion that will work wonders against him:

1 tank with massive health and armor (and eventually dodge), but with NO weapon.
2 Mages with heal
1 Mage with revive

This is going to be a very long battle, but you will win it eventually. Having some spells on hand is also extremely useful.

For example, you can bring into battle the Magic Orb and shoot the boss down when its health is low in order to hurry things. But I believe that it’s still doable even without the use of magic and my recommended team setup will help you defeat the boss.

Also, for your tank, it would be even better if you had some sort of armor that has a healing effect.

I have also heard of people being able to defeat with a complete mage team, but I am not 100% sure what to recommend in this case and definitely the use of magic is very important in the battle.

I’d go with something like 2 DPS mages, 1 healer and one reviver and some healing spells as well. This could work as an alternative, but I see no reasons why you shouldn’t try the first option.

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So this would be it. Now you know how to defeat Abode of Argonius in Hustle Castle. If you manage to do it with a different team setup, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!


  1. Hi! I can’t kill Abodus since 2 weeks. I read your note but I don’t understand several things. What does it mean “heal” and “revive”? Is it magical powers from Magic Workshop?? Green Healing Ray?

  2. Worked just fine for me!
    @Andzia : heal and revive are powers magical wands can have : from what I’ve encountered so far they’re either damageor heal or revive

  3. I have also read that some people have defeated him using the same basic setup as described in this guide, but with 3 resurrection mages, rather than 2 resurrection mages and 1 healing mage.

  4. I did it in 1 go, I uses 2 mage with resurrect weapon, 2 tanks with 11k armour, both equip with 1k dmg punisher swords. And 2 Cliff totem spells (though useless).
    The tanks serve as a distraction for mages. When 1 mage is down, it auto aim for the tanks while the other mage resurrect the other mage. The cycle goes on. Takes abt 1 min to clear

  5. I’ve tried your setup and am still struggling I die everytime nothing I’m doing is helping what rarity was your weapons and did you have your mages in mage or tank outfit for the extra armour?

  6. Thanks for the advise, it worked wonders. I was getting crushed with my normal lineup. Used 2 strong revivers, 1 weak healer, and 1 weak reviver. Finished with 30 seconds left.

  7. Thanks, it worked! For me though, with 2 mages (both resurrect) and 2 tanks (no weapons) – the battle timed out with the enemy having 150 health lol. So next time I gave one of my previous tanks a wand – and that was enough to get the win

  8. Thanks, i beat him with 1 tank no weapon, 2 ressurect mages, and 1 reviver mage. Now i’m in giant’s temple, does anyone know how to win the animated boulders?

  9. Finally beat him, after like 2 whole weeks. Sheesh I was honestly losing it. So I did the whole 1 tank 2 mages, 2 with resurrect and 1 revive. Stupid thing still wouldn’t let me through. So I upgraded my magic workshop to let me summon an ally and made sure I had 3 of them in the field with me. Someone say over kill but honestly I was reaching the end of my tether with this demon, he had to go. Dude didn’t know what hit him. He died in one go, yay me. Finally.

  10. Well, I tried some different things … but when I equip my tank with orbs/wands they Keep Standing with the other mages in the back and my whole Team gets attacked …??
    What makes a tank a tank? just the Equipment or the weapon too ?

  11. It honestly wasn’t that hard. I have all lv. 30 warriors and I have a tank a mage and two archers. I failed several times before I read this thread and then I just took my tanks weapon away and I won on the first try.

  12. Approach from article did not work for me. Maybe they have updated something. I had all level 30 and tried many, many times with tank no weapon + 3 mages (ressurect and healers combination to no available).

    What did help was new healing ray and cliffs totem spells in combination with regular strong 30 fighting squad:
    2 tanks (first sword, second daggers), archer and 1 ressurect.

  13. I tried this strategy again, and again, and again, and again, etc!!! It wouldn’t work. As soon as the tank died, the boss would only focus on the mages. BUT here’s how I finally got it!!!! (woo hoo!!)
    – one tank, no weapon
    – two healers
    – one reviver (which I didn’t even need a revive)
    – 3 heal spells

    Once the tank gets low health, just give him a heal spell. Rinse and repeat. I used 2 heal spells and none of my fighters died. They are level 30 fighters. Good luck!!


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