Hunter Age Mobile is a 3D anime MMORPG featuring bright visuals, colorful characters, and action-packed battles. Choose from four different classes for your hero and fight through perilous dungeons! Lots and lots of loot awaits you, so grab some friends and start your adventure in Hunter Age Mobile. We’re here to help you out with ourĀ Hunter Age Mobile cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep your skills upgraded!


The second most important thing you can do to keep your character up to date is to upgrade your skills. You’ll need gold to level up a skill, and unlike other action RPGs the gold you need is actually pretty steep. You won’t be able to level up all your skills to the maximum level most of the time, so just upgrade as much as you can. You’ll get gold gradually over the course of completing your main story quests, so just hold out until then.

2. Time your Shift maneuver!

Each class learns their own “Defensive Shift” skill. When you use this skill your character will bunker down and enter a state of complete invincibility! Even better – if you’re attacked in this mode, you’ll recover Fury, the blue gauge needed for special skills. In a lot of cases you’ll want to actually get hit by big area attack on purpose if you have your defensive shift up. The amount of fury you recover depends on how strong the attack was.

3. Stay online!

There’s a “online time” gift you can receive. In order to get this gift, you’ll need to stay online and keep the game open for a specific amount of time. There are multiple tiers to this reward list, so the longer you stay on, the better the rewards will be. You don’t have to worry about your device going to sleep, as when the game is open auto lock is disabled automatically. Just be sure to claim your gifts as they come!

4. Split equipment!

If you’re hurting for coins, you can try splitting your old gear. If you have old gear laying around going unused, you can split them to destroy them for coins. Do this as often as you like, because there really isn’t a use for old gear.

5. Collect the freebies!

  • Under Opening -> Monthly Card, you can get free gift coupons. We’re not quite sure where to spend these yet, but grab them just in case!
  • The “Wait for Better” chest will gradually build up goodies like enhance stones. You can open it once day, but if you wait another day you’ll get even more goodies. Wait until it’s full (about three days) and open it for lots of stuff!
  • In the Welfare Center, you can access the Check-in and Daily Login bonus menus. They’re separate lists, so you can get goodies from both!
  • The Time Online present, as we mentioned above, will gradually unlock over time as you leave the game open. Plug in your charger and get ready for the goodies!

6. Complete the dailies!

Once you get to around level 20, you’ll see the Daily Gameplay button pop up on the main menu. This menu lists a bunch of stuff you can do for goodies and unlocks that run on a daily basis. They even categorize the missions into subtypes so you can do exactly what you’re aiming for. For example there are daily missions that focus on earning experience points, getting gear, and so forth. Just bear in mind that a lot of these missions don’t actually unlock until you hit level 30. As to why it unlocks 10 levels early, we’re not entirely sure. Maybe to just give you an idea of what’s to come?

We recommend sticking to the main story questline and get them done as soon as you can. The sooner you reach level 30, the sooner you can start participating in the high level stuff. And you know what that means! More loot!

That’s all for Hunter Age Mobile. If you have any other hunting tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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