The land of Malheim is a beautiful world filled with wonderful landscapes as far as the eye can see. With numerous factions living throughout the land, one would think there would be peace, but political unrest stirs, and a larger threat arises from the shadows… literally!

Rangers of Oblivion is a fast-paced action RPG where players assume the role of a Ranger, an elite hunter that is tasked with the job of hunting down mythical beasts. These monsters have suddenly appeared across the land, and they are spreading corruption wherever they go, so they must be stopped.

Featuring online co-op play with up to four players and six unique weapon classes, Rangers of Oblivion is shaping up to be the mobile version of Capcom’s beloved Monster Hunter series. If you have never played a hunting game of this caliber before, now is your chance!

Dive into an extremely detailed world with its own day and night cycle, weather system, and other natural events for full immersion. Create your own Ranger with a fully detailed character creation system. Choose your weapon, from the mighty Greatsword to the nimble Twin Blades, there is something for everyone.

Rangers of Oblivion is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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