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Hundred Soul: The Last Savior Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fighting Effectively

Hundred Soul: The Last Savior Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fighting Effectively
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Become the savior and restore a dying world on the brink of destruction in Hundred Soul: The Last Savior, a new action RPG from studio Hound 13. Hundred Soul aims to rekindle the action RPG genre on the mobile platform by introducing PC-like graphics and an involved and satisfying combat system. Your weapons and your companions define your playstyle, so make your decisions wisely!

With plenty of battles to fight through and tons of gear to upgrade, there is a lot to cover in our Hundred Souls: The Last Savior tips and tricks guide. We will go over combat basics and how to fight effectively while keeping your team powered up to tackle all the challenges ahead of you. Let’s get started with our Hundred Soul: The Last Savior cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to fighting effectively!

Combat Basics

Hundred Soul features a pretty straight forward combat system: you have a dodge roll, normal attacks, and two attack skills. Your skills have pretty short cooldowns to them, so be liberal and devastate your enemies with powerful combos. Regular attacks speed up the cooldowns on your skills, so if you are waiting for your skills to come back up make sure to keep attacking enemies.

When going up against an alpha monster – what this game calls bosses – you may have noticed the white bar below their health bar at the top of the screen. This bar is the alpha monster’s super armor bar, and attacking them will gradually decrease the bar, with certain attacks lowering the bar even further.

When the bar is completely broken, the monster enters the “break” state, indicated by a red angry face. Any attack made towards the monster in this state will deal dramatically increased damage, and this is the key to beating alpha monsters in a timely manner.

Get used to using your dodge frequently. It has a very fast cooldown, so you can use it in most situations. You do not really need it with regular enemies, but it is a necessity when you are fighting against alpha monsters. Alpha monsters do not get staggered as easily as normal enemies do, and you are completely invincible during the dodge animation, so you can use it to slip past big attacks.

If you attack an enemy from behind, you will get a backstab bonus which increases your damage. You also have a higher chance of landing a critical hit when you backstab, so try to get in sneak attacks on your enemies whenever you get the chance. Here is a little tip: if you lock on to an enemy and dodge roll without holding a direction, you will dodge through them and end up on their backside, putting you in the perfect spot to backstab.

The game does have an auto mode as well, aptly labeled the “easy play” button during battle. Tapping this will automatically make your character fight, however they will not use ANY skills on their own, leaving them at a severe disadvantage. Do not even think about using this mode when you are up against an alpha monster!

Utilizing Status Effects to the Fullest

You are a quick dodger, you are using your skills frequently, and you are taking advantage of breaking bosses. You have all the basics down, now it is time to get flashy! Your skills will inflict enemies with a variety of status effects, and in most cases allow you to follow up with signal skills and other skills.

Taking advantage of status effects is the key to winning the harder battles in the game. There are three types of status effects: elemental attacks, crowd control, and damage of times. Later on in the game, you can infuse your weapons with elements allowing you to deal more damage to enemies of the opposite element. Damage over time effects, like bleed and poison, deal constant damage over time.

But… the real star of the show here are crowd control effects. Crowd control, as the name implies, inflicts status effects upon your foes that impairs their ability to move, attack, and more, making it helpful for dealing with large amounts of monsters. Stun prevents the enemy for doing anything, knockdown sends them to the floor where they are vulnerable getting up, and slow slows down their movement speed, and so forth.

Not only that, but most signal skills will activate upon inflicting a crowd control status effect upon an enemy. With Nightfall, the starting sword, you can use the Grab signal skill to slam enemies into the ground after they are stunned or restrained.

Early on in the campaign, you can get by just spamming your skills and attacking like no tomorrow, but eventually you will have to start taking full advantage of the status effects.

Choosing the Right Gear and Companion

Note that Hundred Soul is a little different from other action RPGs in the sense that all of your equipment is viable and should be upgraded. All of your main weapons come with different attributes, and it is important that you use the right gear for the job.

You will learn more about this as you play through the main campaign, but if you ever need a refresher just take a look at your weapon’s stats where you can see what kind of status effects it can inflict. For even better insight, you can tap on the “collection” button when looking at a weapon to see a list of recommended sub weapons and companions.

Speaking of companions, each one has their own strengths and weaknesses, just like your weapons. Your compaions have their own set of skills that allow them to be helpful partners in battle, and the most important thing to consider is how well they compliment your weapon. For example, Nazriel, the first companion you acquire, can stun enemies easily with her Stunning Shot, which goes great with Nightfall since it allows you use to the Grab skill more often.

These kinds of things are the most important things to think about when you are choosing your weapon and companion. Also consider what you are going up against – as the Skeleton Captain in chapter 2 teaches you, some weapons are better for breaking than others. It is also important to note that broken enemies are much more susceptible to status effects!

Getting More Upgrade Materials

After you clear an area in the campaign mode, you can revisit the same area in conquest mode, where you get to choose a difficulty. Certain materials only drop in conquest mode, so it pays to come back in order to grow stronger!

When you go back and play through a level in conquest mode, you are given a rank at the end. If you manage to achieve an S-rank, you will be able to “sweep” that level, in other words immediately complete it for all the materials. This makes grinding really easy, so make sure you are powerful enough to complete the level quickly.

Note that there are three difficulty modes per level in conquest mode. The harder difficulties have you face off against scarier monsters, but the rewards are better than usual. Make sure to take a look at exactly what you need to see what levels you need to progress in.

To upgrade a weapon’s skills, you will need skill points that are acquired by upgrading weapons. You gain a few points every time you upgrade your weapons, so in turn you can upgrade the skills as well.

Do not forget about your Novastone either. You have a board as well as your companions, but it is more important to focus on your own board first. Novastone is a little harder to keep up with since the resource is so scarce, but check back every now and then to improve your stats.

After you complete chapter 3, you will unlock Special Battles. These event battles are limited entry battles that drop a variety of valuable resources. You only get a certain amount of entries per day, so make sure you use them before the day is over. You can get ahead with rare materials if you take advantage of the special battles every day!

Pandora and Resources

After you progress through chapter 3, Pandora will unlock and you can talk to her to create new items. This is basically the crafting system of this game, and you need three materials in order to craft: sulfur, salt, and mercury.

Each area on the world map has a mine attached to it, and when you clear the campaign for that area you can access the mine. Mines will generate one of the three materials you need over time, but you must be diligent to come back and collect, otherwise the mine will remain full until you empty it.

When adding materials into the Creation Clock, you can choose the amount of materials you want to put in. The more materials you put – up to a maximum of 60 initially – the better your results will be. If you have mediums you can also use those too and they will help you get specific items.

If you take a look at the records, you can see a list of all recently creations done by other players. If you are looking for a specific item, it pays to visit the records to see if any other player created one. The records list the exact combination of materials the player used, so simply copy their recipe and hope for the best – there is still an element of luck involved!

Creation Clock recipes take up to five hours to complete, so you may want to consider spending your emeralds on speeding up the clock if you do not want to wait.

Finish the Missions

As you are progressing through the main campaign and unlocking new companions, do not forget to complete the missions. There are daily missions, weekly missions, and achievements. This is important because completing these missions rewards you with user experience, and when you level up your character also becomes stronger as a result.

You also gain helpful resources from the missions, so it does not hurt to go out of your way and complete them!

That’s all for Hundred Soul: The Last Savior! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Hundred Soul: The Last Savior Guide: Tips & Cheats To Fighting Effectively


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