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How to Win a Malpractice Lawsuit in BitLife

How to Win a Malpractice Lawsuit in BitLife
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Whether you’re undergoing a surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons, you always want to feel like you can trust your doctor. Sadly, things can go wrong in the world of BitLife, but at least you can sue, so here’s how to win a malpractice lawsuit in BitLife.

How to Sue a Doctor and Win a Malpractice Lawsuit in BitLife

In BitLife, you may find yourself in situations where surgery may be necessary. You might discover that you have a life-threatening condition that requires surgery, or maybe you just want to alter your physical appearance due to your abysmal looks stat.

Either way, you’ll have to find a reliable surgeon to perform the surgery. Just like your normal doctor visits, surgeons have different reputations; the more reputable surgeons are expensive, while the sketchier ones are cheaper.

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If a doctor ends up botching your surgery, you’ll suffer major damage, and you might outright die! Botched surgeries are incredibly risky, but if you manage to survive, you can fight back by taking the doctor to court. Whether you’re trying to complete the Malpractice Millionaire challenge or you’re just trying to get your money’s worth, we’ll show you how to sue for malpractice.

To get started, go to the Activities list, then scroll down and select Lawsuit to get started. A drop-down list with all your potential sue targets appears, so choose who you want to go after.

Next, you’ll have to decide on a law firm. Similar to doctor reputation, the more expensive firms have higher success rates. If you really want to win your case, it’s best to go with the most expensive firm.

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The final step is to decide how much you’re going to sue for damages. The lowest amount is $10,000, going all the way up to a whopping 1 million. The less money you sue for, the greater chance you’ll win the case. If you’re feeling lucky, you can sue the doctor for everything they’re worth, but just remember that high damages amounts are much harder to win.

With any luck, you’ll win the lawsuit, and you’ll get the agreed upon money. So, to recap, if you want the best chances of winning a malpractice lawsuit, go with the expensive law firm and keep your damages amount as low as possible.

We hope that explains all you need to know about how to win a malpractice lawsuit in BitLife. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our BitLife coverage.

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How to Win a Malpractice Lawsuit in BitLife