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How to Watch Demon Wind in High On Life

How to Watch Demon Wind in High On Life
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Do you want to watch a B-horror movie from 1990 about body-snatching demons and a group of friends trapped on a farm? One way to do it is to play High on Life, a first-person shooter with absurdist humor.

The game incorporates four full-length movies that you can watch from your living room or an actual movie theater, and the movies are Blood Harvest, Demon Wind, Tammy and The T-Rex, and Vampire Hookers.

In this guide, we will show you how to watch Demon Wind in High on Life.

How to Watch Demon Wind in High on Life on TV

You can catch any of the available in-game movies on TV in your living room with Gene, but you can’t control which movie is going to play. Moreover, the availability of a particular movie will depend on how far along you are in the game.

Since this option is quite unpredictable, we recommend watching Demon Wind in a movie theater, and here’s how.

How to Watch Demon Wind in High on Life in a Movie Theater

High on Life movie theater
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Going to a movie theater in High on Life is the best way to catch the full-length motion picture you want to see. However, to visit the movie theater, you will need to jump through several hoops first and obtain some equipment—the warp remote and the Movie Theater Warp Disc.

You will get the remote from Ranchy in Zephyr Paradise after hunting down Krubis. Once you get it, you can obtain the Movie Theater Warp Disc for 3 Warp Crystals at Blorto’s Kiosk close to your home.

To make sure you will have enough Warp Crystals for this disc, you should finish the Douglas bounty hunt in addition to the Krubis one first. Once you buy the disc, head to any Warp Signal location using your Bounty 5000 console.

When the movie theater pops up, head inside and take a seat to watch the movie and enjoy the commentary of three other viewers for the full hour and a half.

Going to a movie theater also unlocks the We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie achievement.

And that concludes our guide to watching Demon Wind in High on Life. Let us know if you enjoyed your in-game cinema experience and make sure to check out our other High on Life guides, including How to Equip Mods in High on Life or How to Get and Upgrade Lezduit.

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How to Watch Demon Wind in High On Life


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