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How To Use Zonai Capsule Machine in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Use Zonai Capsule Machine in Tears of the Kingdom
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The Zonai utilized a variety of devices that helped them explore ancient Hyrule. You can use any leftover devices you come across, or you can summon your own through capsules. If you are running low on capsules, you have to hit up your nearest Zonai capsule machine. Here is everything you need to know about how to use the Zonai capsule machine in Tears of the Kingdom.

Using the Zonai capsule machine in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you complete the first two Shrines and unlock the Ultrahand and Fuse abilities, you must make your way up one of the tallest islands in order to reach the third shrine. You have to go through a Zonaite mine, which is a mineral that powers the various Zonai devices.

Leave the mine and there is a Maker Construct resting near a big machine that looks suspiciously similar to a gachapon machine. Talk to the Construct to learn that the Zonai capsule machine is called a device dispenser, and it produces random Zonai capsules like Fans and Portable Pots by converting raw materials.

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Using the Zonai capsule machine is easy, as it is very similar to cooking. Stand in front of the capsule machine’s receptacle, open up your inventory and hold the items you want to use, then drop them into the receptacle and watch the magic happen. Before you get too excited, there are a couple of rules to the Zonai capsule machine.

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Firstly, the Zonai capsule machine accepts only Construct Horns and Zonai Charges, which are dropped by the Soldier Constructs you have encountered already. Any incompatible items will simply be spat back out with a depressing puff of air, so please do not cram apples, bugs, or fish in there. The Constructs have a hard time as it is.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, the Zonai capsules that you receive seem to be random. The items you drop into the receptacle do not appear to have any bearing on what capsules you get back, so feel free to use whatever Zonai materials you have a surplus of.

Thirdly, there are multiple Zonai capsule machines scattered throughout the world, and each machine has its own set of possible capsules. For example, the first machine you find can only give you Fans, Flame Emitters, and Portable Pots. You can check what capsules the machine gives out by looking at the map icon.

Lastly, the amount of capsules you receive is directly equal to the amount of items you put in. So, you would get five capsules back if you dropped in five Construct Horns, for example. However, sometimes you get lucky and receive bonus capsules. In one instance, we got ten capsules out of five items!

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How To Use Zonai Capsule Machine in Tears of the Kingdom